Amazon Brand Registration

Are you active on Amazon with your own brand? Then you should definitely look into the Amazon brand registration. We will explain to you exactly what this is all about and how to register your brand on the marketplace.

What is the Amazon Brand Registration / Brand Registry?

With Amazon brand registration, the marketplace offers sellers an opportunity to better protect and build their own brand. With trademark registration, you retain control over your listing and have better options to respond to counterfeits and misuse. See maternityetchic for 7 Best Tips to Find Amazon FBA Products.

The requirements for Amazon brand registration

In order to use Amazon’s Brand Registry, retailers must meet various requirements:

✔ A text-based trademark or an image-based trademark with words, letters or numbers (not a pure image trademark)
✔ An official registration of the trademark with a state trademark office (in Germany, for example, this is possible with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA))
✔ A trademark, which must be depicted on the products or packaging
✔ A list of the product categories in which the brand should be listed

Brand Registry on Amazon: What advantages does it offer?

The advantages of registering a brand on Amazon can be divided into two groups: on the one hand, protecting your own brand, and on the other hand, building your brand on Amazon.

Better protection through a registered trademark on Amazon

With the aim of becoming the most customer-friendly company in the world, Amazon is stepping up the fight against counterfeit products. Brand owners on Amazon can use search tools to detect counterfeits and report violations. In addition, Amazon says it relies on proactive brand protection through automated protection mechanisms.

As a registered trademark owner, you have the right to write your product listings. If another seller wants to make a change to the listing of your ASIN, this is only possible with your approval. You have control over the content of the title, bullet points, product description and Amazon product images .

Better brand building through a registered brand on Amazon

The following actions are only possible for registered trademarks:

A+ Content / EBC

A+ Content / EBC replaces the product description in your listing with more visually appealing content. This way you can not only differentiate your products from the competition, but also emphasize your corporate design in the listing.

Brand store

Do you want to emphasize the special features of your brand? Then the brand store is the perfect place for it. If a user clicks on the name of your brand on the product page, they will no longer just see a list of your products, but rather a store that is well thought out in terms of content and appearance – without any competing listings.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Amazon also has something in store for registered brands when it comes to advertising. The so-called Sponsored Brand Ads (formerly: HSA, Headline Search Ads) can only be placed by them. They highlight some of your products as well as your brand store.

Amazon Vine program

Amazon sellers with a registered brand and a qualified product have the opportunity to use the Amazon Vine program. The product is made available free of charge to selected users. In return, they usually provide an honest review. New products in particular can easily generate reviews.

What costs do retailers incur through the Amazon Brand Registry?

The advantages of registering a brand on Amazon can be divided into two groups: on the one hand, protecting your own brand, and on the other hand, building your brand on Amazon.

Step by step: Amazon brand registration instructions

1st step: Check and meet the requirements

First, you should check whether you and your brand meet the requirements required by Amazon. You should also have all relevant information, such as the trademark registration number, ready.

Step 2: Register with Amazon Brand Registry

If you do not yet have access to the Amazon Brand Registry, you must first set it up with your Seller / Vendor Central.

Step 3: Provide information about the brand

On the Brand Registry homepage you can select the “Register new brand” button in the left area. Amazon will then guide you through the registration process, which begins with 3 short questions about the requirements and your brand.

Step 4: Provide intellectual property information

The next step is to provide further information about your brand. Here you indicate whether it is a word mark or a word-image mark (in this case you also have to upload a picture of your trademark) and enter the trademark number and the responsible trademark office.

Step 5: Specify further characteristics of the brand

On the third question page you have to enter the last information required. This includes, for example, whether your products have an ISBN, EAN, UPC or other GTIN or whether your products are also sold online outside of Amazon.

Step 6: Verification & Review

In the final step, Amazon uses a verification code to check the rights holder’s data and ultimately the submitted trademark registration.

Conclusion: Amazon brand registration – little effort, great benefit

As our instructions for Amazon brand registration show, the effort involved is relatively low. The required data should be available to every trademark owner so that the registration can be completed quickly.

Due to the advantages associated with brand registration, we as an Amazon agency can only recommend using the registration. Control over the listing, more options for advertising and content and protection against trademark infringement justify the effort that the brand registry creates.

Amazon Brand Registration