Yomvi Movistar + Android TV Box, How to Get It to Work Without Any Problems

Movistar Plus, Movistar +, formerly known as Yomvi. This is the application for Android TV Box that despite having a good number of users continues to give us headaches. To us, and you, only you are looking for something as simple as that it works once and for all.

Yomvi Movistar + Android TV Box, How to Get It to Work Without Any Problems

For those who do not know what is Movistar + here an introduction, if you already know the application, skip the paragraph.


Movistar Plus is an application of video on demand to be called Yomvi. Installing it is as easy as visiting your page in Google Play from our Android device and press the “Install” button.
We must remember that it is an application to access the services that offers us Movistar and we must therefore have a user account or give us high.

Content offered by this telecommunications giant is very broad and there are several offers that may be changing over time. You can visit the web page of Movistar Plus and check what they offer at this time.

As you can see, the contents ranging from soccer to series going through film and content for children. Very varied.


Now that it is clear what is and it is not called Yomvi, it would be the ideal time to start using it on a Android TV Box (or Smart Box, TV box… There are thousand names for these devices).

Why? Because we can thus enjoy the content without using the decoder of Movistar.


View the content on secondary TV screens (bedroom, kitchen).

Use the “multi-display” service. This allows us to see different content on each device.

See the content you want from another location (hotel, apartment, House our children, parents, grandparents…) without the need for a new high there.
Here all right, but now we are going to the reality and so you are probably here looking for solutions.


If you are reading this it is very likely that you’re looking for information about the options available in the market for Movistar Plus. What is what?

Very simple, the application is incompatible with most devices of this type (what a disappointment!) and the few that work are older than the comic strip… with outdated versions of Android and that are not going to be able to update.
We have gone through the initial point where the APP was closed when we attempted to reproduce any content. Solved this we have another problem that is more shocking, the application now stopped working when we tried to move the timeline, press the button play / pause and also when the connection speed went down during a just instant. To top it off this development of Movistar not remembered point where we no longer see our content and always started from the beginning. Frustrating!


But don’t worry, I’ve felt the same frustration you feel you and with countless applications, you understand perfectly. For this reason we have put much interest in making it work and let buy appliances here and there to return the next day.

After many hours of work, night of coffee and lines of code, our engineers ZERO Devices have given the problem before anyone else and have solved it (well!).

Now we can boast of having one of the few, if not the only, current Android TV Box in which the old Yomvi or longer current Movistar + work. A Smart TV Box with Android 6, 2 GB of RAM and up to 16 GB of storage (although you can 8 GB you serve, really worthwhile to have this capability and I say this as a regular user).


If you have a Z7C III Seven previously purchased you can solve problems in just 5 minutes by installing the patch that we have prepared. Specifically, we have created an APP that will detect the problem and solved it by simply pressing two buttons. Here you can see a video where we show the problem and how to install the APP.

If you can not see well, the address that should be open in the browser of your Z7C is: zerodevices.es/yomvi

Check that it is spelled correctly, is very important, or you can not access the discharge.

Do not install this APP on a device from another manufacturer, it could affect its operation.

On the other hand, if you ask an ZERO Devices Z7C III now, it will come you working properly.


It works, that is what matters.

Manufacturers of electronic devices we also depend on the developers of the applications. We cannot solve absolutely everything for them since logically we don’t have access to the source code. The only way is to try to adapt our system to your application as much as possible.

Yomvi – Movistar + app for Android is not optimized for use of remote control, but to not halt you this, any mouse or keyboard with touchpad serves to handle it without problems.

Ojo also with the speed and quality of connection, any video on demand service requires stability.

The entry was first published at ZERO Devices Spain.