Wayward Definition

Before entering fully into the meaning of the term wayward, we are going to proceed to know its etymological origin. In this case we can state that it derives from Latin, exactly from “dyscolus” which, in turn, derives from the Greek “dýscolos”. This term can be translated as “difficult”.

It is an adjective that qualifies someone who does not usually abide by the rules or obey the norms.

For example: “Fed up with the attitudes of the wayward striker, the coach asked the club president to terminate the player’s contract”, “The president must face opposition from a wayward sector of his own party”, “As a boy he was something wayward, but then I matured and began to act responsibly”.

Among the synonyms of wayward are undisciplined, disobedient, rebellious, unruly or mischievous. On the contrary, among its antonyms we find disciplined, obedient, well-ordered or even docile.

A wayward individual is a difficult person to deal with since he is not docile or easily integrated into groups. The wayward is not willing to follow orders or follow instructions. That is why he usually clashes with his bosses or hierarchical superiors, and even with the authorities. According to Abbreviationfinder, WS stands for Wayward Spouse.

Take the case of a deputy who decides not to respect the mandates of his political party. That is why he votes according to his will, without talking to his colleagues and without worrying about what was agreed within his organization. He also often criticizes leaders of his own entity in the media. Due to these peculiarities, it could be said that he is a wayward deputy.

The basketball player who is late for training, ignores the coach on the field of play and shows himself drinking alcohol and smoking in nightclubs can be defined as a wayward athlete.

Precisely within the FC Barcelona football team it is considered that there have been, throughout its history, wayward players. This would be the case, for example, of Neymar or Ronaldo. However, in recent times the footballer who has taken that qualification has been the French Dembélé. And it is that he has not only been late for training but, in addition, he has done the same with some concentrations.

A wayward singer, on the other hand, is one who doesn’t respect concert schedules, talks back aggressively at press conferences, and doesn’t pay attention to his fans.

In the same way, it is common to speak of a wayward son when he does not obey his parents at all, does not abide by the rules at home and does not collaborate in household chores, does not arrive at the time indicated when he goes out partying and even put aside the studies. These situations have led to the appearance of a television program, entitled “Elder Brother”, in which a responsible adult comes to try to channel that son in favor not only of his present but, above all, of his future.