Velox x GVT-x Net – Broadband Internet

Brazil has one of the worst qualities of internet connection and one of the more expensive prices in the world. Even so, we have to live with this injustice and try to choose the better option of broadband internet for your home. Today, we have 3 main competitors in this market: Oi Velox, GVT and Net. The technologies are similar and all of them are able to deliver the connection is contracted. But at what cost and what quality each one of them? It would be better than the other?

Let’s start with the GVT. In forums, discussion sites and conversations, word-of-mouth, which they all say is that it is the best provider of internet services. Still expanding, their coverage area is still very limited. You can choose to purchase just one single package, with internet and telephony, or a more complete one, including subscription TV. Plans the most basic, which you must have the combo with telephony, 5 MB for the large capital, begins with the approximate amount of R$105,00. The speed can reach up to 100 MB, depending on your locale. It is interesting that the GVT controls very well the sale of its services, by freezing the opening of new franchises in the regions where the limit has already been established. It’s a little frustrating for the consumer to be able to be without the service, but he has the assurance that it will be something with quality.

GVT headed to the NET. The most basic starts with the internet of 512 kbps, which we do not recommend to anyone. We always recommend that consumers buy a wide band of, at a minimum, 5 MB, something unavailable on the net services. So, we started by the service of 10 MB that, in the main promotions on the NET and in combos the most basic exits in the approximate amount of R$130,00, with the possibility of negotiations. The services of the NET has received many compliments. However, in a few moments for the company equipment and the settings of the channels of your tv may have problems. It is not very constant, but in some locations the rain may disrupt the service a bit. It is one of the most open space for negotiations in the face of competition, particularly with your account in auto debit.

Finally, we have Oi Velox. Is the worst provision of care and services between all the above options. Unfortunately, a good portion of the country ends up getting arrested by the provision of services of this operator. Oi Velox is only advantageous in a situation: in the purchase of the Oi conta Total. The Plan more competitive in the face of competition, with internet 10 MB, 200 minutes for up to two lines of mobile and local calls unlimited landline goes for R$255,00 when the account is in debit cards. If you have a good control of their phone lines, a large family and need the fixed line, the Oi Total Account may be the best option between the 3 services you suggested.

Now some final thoughts. I’ve had experiences with all 3 services. GVT and NET have given me very few issues. Even when I threatened to leave the NET, I received a considerable improvement in my plan, receiving more channels and a better internet by a value a little higher than the competition. In a few moments the service falls, and the configuration of the new channels had a difficulty stabilization. The GVT there was no problem, only when I went recontratá-la, the quotas for my region had already been exhausted. With Oi live many problems still: we called to try to install in our house, they offered the best price for internet 15 MB, they stated that was available for our region, and on the day of installation, the technician said that the speed was not possible. Result: we will have to take action against the Hi for improper charging, as that will cancel the service on the same day but the Hi did not do the cancellation. In smaller towns, however, the Oi is between the ones that provide the services more stable, and the values more into account, mainly because of the Oi conta Total.

The most important thing at the moment of choice: turn on for all options, write down the prices and make absolutely sure that the hired service is offered in your region. When more information you have, the easier it will be to negotiate prices and benefits.