The Batteries of Mobile Phone Addicted? What is the Right Way to Upload?

Any person who has a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even an electric car will have lithium ion batteries degraded over time. Each time you load and unload the batteries, they lose a little capacity if you reload. In the day-to-day you really will not notice, but after a year or a little more this means to be able to use your phone, tablet, or car for a shorter period of time. But why this happens?

To use the Device While It Loads Addictive the Battery With the Time

The addiction of the battery and everything to do with how the ions moving through the battery, and the change of the physical structure of the electrodes.

In a battery of lithium ion, the lithium ion moves from the anode to the cathode through an electrolyte a non-aqueous medium. By doing so, the physical structure of the electrodes is slightly changed on an atomic level.

While the ions move through the anode when unloading, they wear out in a way not uniform. In a comparison, is like an iron that will wearing out and getting rusty with time. Unfortunately, these imperfections are necessary for the battery to work, so the production of energy by the battery depends on them. It is like a grain of sand that is necessary to form a pearl. Both the cathode and the anode suffer from this effect.

At the same time that the reactions taking place, will form a kind of salt, which acts as an insulator and prevents the battery charge for a full.

How to Not Contaminate the Cell?

The entire battery will be addictive at some point. You can delay this moment with some care and maintenance simple, and taking out the head some of the myths about batteries that still persist today.

Take the cell phone charger before the end of addictive, depending on the situation: li-ion batteries need to be charged during the day, several times, rather than a single load that will bring the battery to 100%. You should also avoid leaving the battery to arrive at 0%, trying to always keep it above 50%. Try not to let the battery get below 20%, and charge about 40% of the battery for a time (from 50% to 90% or 40% to 80%). Avoid long loads, or you may impair the useful life of the battery,

Do a full cycle of the battery on a monthly basis: that means letting the battery reset and charge up to 100%, once per month.

Leave the phone charging all night is addictive: not, as well as non-addictive use the device while it loads. The batteries are smart enough to stop charging when it reaches its load limit. The only caution here is to leave the cell phone in a ventilated place, and without the capinha, to prevent overheating.

Beware of high temperatures: batteries do not deal well with high temperatures. You can be the sun, ovens, stoves, your pocket on a summer day, all of these situations contribute to reducing the useful life of the battery. Keep your mobile phone away from these sources of heat, such as inside a purse or backpack is made of insulating materials thermal, and you will be ok.

Stir in the cell phone while charging is dangerous? Only if you are using a charger that is inappropriate for the device, such as a charger of a third party, counterfeit, or without the amperage is correct for the smartphone. This may even damage the battery permanently, or cause explosions. Use the charger that came with your unit.

Always keep the battery around 50% charge: that even when you are not using the instrument, or you run the risk of contaminate the battery.

You already practice these actions to extend the battery life of your device? What other actions do you take to extend the battery life of your device?