Test: Smartphone Bike Z 2 Force Motorola

Each new release of the Motorola is new and important advances in their mobile – especially when it comes to camera, screen and battery – it seems that the brand has found with this Bike Z 2 Force the path to please the consumers, because I believe that the majority of people pay attention to these 3 items above all else!

But in addition to deliver a camera is improved, a display with beautiful colors and a battery life of respect (although lower than previous models), the Moto Z 2 Force, as the name already says, it offers resistance above that of any other smartphone on the market, and this is no small thing if we take into account the amount of people that is required to bring their devices in for repair after falling or beats mundane.

Test Smartphone Bike Z 2 Force Motorola 1

Bike Z 2 Force – Design, finishing and resistance

Here, no novelty, the visual remains just as stylish as in the other current versions of the Moto Z (we have already spoken of the Bike Z 2 Play) and the thickness also has not changed, the only difference is the dual camera at the rear. For Brazil comes in only one color option, the black onyx, which although beautiful it leaves marks on the fingers as well apparent on the brushed metal, but one.

The important thing in this gadget is that you don’t see: the multi-layered screen technology Bike Shatterfield not that cracking or shattering, a solution that already existed in the old Moto X Force and I wonder why only now was give the guys on the line Z. Who has tested knows that it is impressive the capacity of the Moto Z Force face a drastic drop without suffering damage. The clumsy are grateful!

Test Smartphone Bike Z 2 Force Motorola 2

Bike Z 2 Force – Screen

Despite the change from the AMOLED of the Moto Z-2 to the P-OLED in this model, the image quality is still very good. The exchange was due to the panel unbreakable, asking for a display foldable that can absorb part of the impact, resisting pressure and bending.

The colors and readability are still good even in environments with bright lights or on a sunny day, not impairing the reading or viewing photos and videos. The white is more cold, that is, gives the impression of being half-blue, I prefer as well, unlike other people who like displays that seem to have received a filter slightly yellowed, leaving the warmer shades. Matter of taste, of course.

Bike Z 2 Force – Battery

Unfortunately the pursuit of Motorola for a device increasingly thin, it has a price: the battery! Of the 3,000 mAh battery of the Moto Z 2 Play, we now turn to 2.730 mAh. If you do not use the phone for heavy tasks for a long time he manages to get to the end of the day with a reasonable amount of battery left, which gives you peace and security. With me it lasts for more than 24 hours, because I get a lot of time in Wi-Fi and don’t usually use it with video and games that require a lot of processor. All models comes with a snap that works as a power pack and can greatly increase the life of the battery, that sounds like an apology from Motorola and ironically increases the thickness of the Moto Z 2 Forceconsiderably.

The charger Turbo Power is a wonder, giving a full charge in a little over an hour and a half, I wish all chargers were like this?!

Test Smartphone Bike Z 2 Force Motorola 3

Bike Z 2 Force – Camera

The Motorola has invested significantly in this new camera, or I should say set of cameras? Are two cameras on the back of 12 MP each, one of them is monochrome and the other colored. Together they are able to deliver results-improved image capture, with the depth of field similar to that of a professional camera, because now it is possible to do selective focus and black and white selective.

The dual camera system has also improved the capture in low light, it still is not perfect, but the progress has been significant, as this was one of the weak points of the smartphones of Motorola.

Here are some of the tests, most of them made in the late afternoon/early evening, with low light.

Mode depth

It is probably the feature that most you will attract in terms of cameras, doing the same job as the portrait mode on the iPhone and creating images really attractive. A slider lets you choose how the background will come out blurry, by increasing or decreasing the sense of depth, this blur was only possible in macro mode and with the camera very close to the object or person.

These tests were made with the depth enabled.

Bike Z 2 Force – Performance and Hardware

With 6GB of RAM, a processor Snapdragon 835 and 64GB of internal space, nor is it accurate to say that we all rode round on Bike Z 2 Force. There is nothing to complain about when the subject is hardware version and the pure Android 7.1.1 Nougat only helps you achieve an experience of use really satisfactory.


With this is a device that allows for adaptation, it never hurts to remember that the snaps that fit on the back of the Bike Z 2 Force can improve the device performance in games, photos, and videos, among other things, therefore this is an element that can weigh at the time of purchase if you are willing to shell out the value of the gadgets.

Bike Z 2 Force – Experience

The Motorola continues to improve their devices, and here I liked very much the improvements in the camera, but I can not leave of side the upgrade done in regards to resistance, given that it’s a device very thin, and that you can pass on an idea of fragility. On a day-to-day it covers all my needs and the battery that suffered a downgrade still secure the ends without surrender concerns with the refill. On the question of design, I still find the first edition of the Bike Z the most beautiful with its rear glass, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like about this model, quite the contrary, he continues to elegantly clean and sober.

Bike Z 2 Force – Prices

Although advertised for R$and 2,999,00 on the website of Motorola, it is already possible to find it for R$2.699,00 on the site of lojas Americanas, for example.