Temple Run – Another Excellent Game for Android

After the success on the iOS platform that runs on Apple devices with iPhone, iPad and iPod, the game Temple Run will now be released for Android.

The objective of the game is to collect coins and earn increasingly more points while surpassing the obstacles of a race for time. You control the direction and is getting faster. It is necessary to jump at the right times and turn at each curve of the path. Jumping at the wrong time, you run the risk of leaving the trail and then need to start again.

Like every good little cell phone, the Temple Run is very easy to play and without many rules to learn. With just a few minutes you’re already passing phases quickly and already “picked up the morning” playing.

The expected date for the launch of the Temple Run for Android is on the 27th of march. By the graphic quality of the game, I do not believe that it will run on older phones. Should require at least a 800Mhz processor or something like that. Is expected to know.

See a video of Temple Run in an article we wrote before about the Temple Run for iPhone.

Like? Get ready then to download it on Google Play (the new site that brings together the Android Market, among other things) on the 27th of march!