Tallinn, Estonia

According to wholevehicles.com, Tallinn is a relatively small but rich in historical and cultural sights city on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. If you are going to visit the Estonian capital, it is better to plan a cultural program in advance. It will take a lot of time to see all the tourist sites – only the streets of the Old Town can be walked all day.

Old Tallinn is a real island of the Middle Ages in the midst of ultra-modern high-rise buildings of hotels and shopping centers.

Although the unique atmosphere that reigns in the historical center is considered its main feature, tourists are attracted here not only by the ancient fortress walls. The location on the Baltic coast is conducive to walks along the picturesque embankments. Even despite the cool and short summer, Tallinn has a well-developed beach holiday. In addition, numerous holidays and festivals take place in the city almost all year round.

Communication and Wi-Fi

Mobile communication works well both in Tallinn itself and throughout the country. Russian operators are also great at catching, so for those who come to the city for just a couple of days, it makes no sense to buy a local SIM card. Mobile operators in Tallinn have prepared special travel offers for other guests. There are only 3 companies here – Tele2 Estonia, Elisa and EMT. For calls to Russia, it is better to use the tariff of the first of them. When buying a tourist card “Smart” and connecting a special package, the cost of the call will be 0.09 EUR (for comparison, two other companies provide this service at a price of about 0.50 EUR). The basic package can be bought at any mobile phone store.

For those who cannot imagine life without the Internet, there are many areas in Tallinn with free Wi-Fi connection. In addition to traditional McDonald’s and hotels, many parks, squares and restaurants have this opportunity. The largest number of points is concentrated in the historical center of the city.

Tallinn Card

The Tallinn Card offers tourists free or discounted offers at almost 100 places in the city, choosing the sights that interest them the most.

Free: entrance to 40 museums and sights of Tallinn, sightseeing tours by bus, on foot and by bike, entrance to one of the popular nightclubs in Tallinn, travel by city public transport. Discounts: in the water park, bowling, karting, restaurants and shops.

Cost for adults / children (under 14): 24 hours – 32/ 16 EUR, 48 hours – 42/ 21 EUR, 72 hours – 52/ 26 EUR. You can order a card online or at the Tallinn Tourist Information Centre.


The Old Town is full of small shops offering handicrafts and real Estonian handicrafts: souvenirs made of leather, glass, ceramics, dolomite, wood and other materials. The first thing to do is to look into Katarina’s lane and the Yard of Masters. Another interesting place for shopping – st. Viru, on both sides of which there are shops and shops. Various knitwear is very popular: bright jumpers, scarves, hats, socks, gloves and mittens, available in a large assortment of patterns and colors. We advise you to look for kitchen utensils made from juniper with a pleasant sweetish smell.

For the main Estonian delicacy, you should go to the Marzipan Gallery. There you can buy not only delicious, but also incredibly beautiful souvenirs. A large selection of sea delicacies is presented at the Kalaturg market. Local merchants offer buyers fish and seafood caught or raised in Estonia.

The market is open only on Saturday morning, the rest of the time on the street. You can take a walk in Kalarana, breathe in the sea air and enjoy the picturesque landscape.

There are many large shopping centers in Tallinn, where well-known world brands (H&M, Motivi, Adidas and others) are represented – Rocca al Mare, Melon, Solaris, Mustamae Center. There is also a representative office of the Finnish network “Stockmann”.

Shops are open from 9:00 to 18:00 (some until 20:00) on weekdays and from 9:00 to 15:00 (some until 18:00) on Saturdays. Supermarkets and shops in resort areas: from 10:00 to 20:00.

What to try

Despite the fact that local chefs borrowed most of the dishes of the national Estonian cuisine from the Germans, French, Swedes and other European nations, over time their recipes have changed a lot. So in this city there is still something from the category of “must-it”.

For a hearty lunch, especially on a cold winter day, verivorst and mulgicapsad blood sausages are perfect as a side dish. The latter is an ordinary cabbage stewed according to a special recipe – with the addition of pork and pearl barley. These dishes are most popular here on Christmas Eve, when they appear on the menu of almost every self-respecting cafe or restaurant.

Thanks to clean fresh air and good ecology, the Estonian capital has delicious dairy products, cheeses and ice cream.

The main sweet delicacy of Tallinn is marzipan. Local residents are convinced that his recipe was invented many years ago in one of the Tallinn pharmacies. By the way, it is located in the Old Town and is still working. There, on st. Pikk, there is a whole “Marzipan Gallery”, where craftsmen create real works of art from this product – you can feast on it and grab a souvenir for friends.

Cafes and restaurants in Tallinn

To feel the local flavor, to feel the culture and traditions, you must definitely try the national cuisine. For a medieval atmosphere and an unusual menu, you should head to the Old Town. This pleasure is not cheap – lunch in the most popular among tourists restaurant “Old Hansa” costs at least 40 EUR. For this money, you will take a table in a medieval building on the Town Hall Square and taste dishes of bear or wild boar, helpfully served by waiters in national costumes. In the historical center of Tallinn there are cafes and restaurants with more affordable prices and no less impressive interiors. You can dine in them for 25 EUR.

If the purpose of the trip is far from gastronomy and you want to save on food, you should pay attention to inexpensive eateries. In addition to McDonald’s and Hesburger, the city has many cafes and pizzerias, including self-service ones. The most popular among tourists is the authentic place “Lido” with a cozy rustic interior. You can have a hearty meal there for only 7-13 EUR, and this is not the most economical option. Appetizing? Then read more, we bet you will like it – where to eat in Tallinn: delicious cafes and restaurants.


The Estonian capital is characterized by a long, but not very frosty winter. The first frosts come in early December, and a barely noticeable hint of spring appears only at the end of March. Due to its location on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, at this time it is slightly warmer here than in the mainland regions of these latitudes.

Spring lasts from March to mid-June, although it really gets warm only in the second half of July. By this time, the water and air warm up so much that you can swim. There is no strong heat, so sunstroke and burns will not happen. A cool short summer ends in late August – early September, and in October there are already the first frosts.

Tallinn, Estonia