Skhidnitsa, Ukraine

Skhodnitsa is a small balneological resort, which once became famous as the oil capital of Galicia, and then thundered throughout the USSR as an All-Union health resort. The healing properties of local mineral water such as “Naftusya” have not been in doubt for a long time, therefore a steady flow of those who suffer and simply want to spend their legal holidays in a quiet picturesque province in Skhidnytsia does not dry out. The main healing factors here are simple: miraculous water, fresh mountain air, the indescribable Carpathian landscape and the hospitality of the locals, with the same calmness and perseverance fattening the tourists who came “on the waters” with their incredibly delicious Carpathian-Ukrainian delicacies.

How to get there

According to wholevehicles, the closest major city and international airport to Skhidnytsia is located in Lviv. You can get from there by minibus (110 km and about 2.5 hours on the way), departure from the railway station. The second option is to first take the train to the Truskavets station, and from there transfer to the minibus to the resort (20 km and about half an hour on the way).


Local waters are hydrocarbonate and sulfate-hydrocarbonate calcium-sodium (mineralization 0.5-0.8 g/l). In addition, the waters of many sources, and there are more than 30 of them, also contain carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other substances that are extremely useful for various kinds of diseases. Indications for treatment: diseases of the kidneys and liver, urinary organs, intestines, salt diathesis, increased and decreased acidity of the stomach, anemia, diabetes mellitus and others. The largest departmental sanatorium-preventorium in the region, which has been operating since the times of the USSR, is responsible for the procedures and medical consultations.

Anyone can use the services of the sanatorium, for this it is not necessary to live within its walls. Fortunately, the resort has many boarding houses, hotels and cozy home mini-hotels with 5-10 rooms.

In the vicinity of Skhidnitsa, rich deposits of peat mud were also found, which are often used for medicinal purposes.

The main healing factors in Skhidnytsia are simple: miraculous water, fresh mountain air, indescribable Carpathian landscape and the hospitality of the locals.

Entertainment and attractions of Skhidnitsa

The main attractions of Skhidnitsa are natural: mountains, valleys and forests. That is why walks around the neighborhood or excursions to the Skole Beskydy National Park are so popular here. For the “cultural baggage” of tourists, the Museum of Emelyan Stotsky, an engineer who opened in the 60s. 20th century mineral water deposit. If there is time and desire, it is worth a ride to the nearby resort of Truskavets or even to Lviv – that’s where there is no shortage of sights.

Another popular excursion is to the ancient Russian city of Tustan on the Urych rocks. Bizarre formations of large rocks, which are more than 60 million years old, have always been mentioned in local legends and tales. So it is not surprising that here, on the so-called “prince’s path”, the mighty city of Tustan once stood. It is known for certain that in the 8th-13th centuries there was a rocky wooden fortress, its settlement is still being explored by the Carpathian architectural and archaeological expedition. You can learn more about Tustan in the nearby museum. Or just take a walk along the wooden flooring, which runs right along the steep rocks, to see the remains of artificial walls (more than 3.5 thousand cuts for mounting wooden structures to a height of up to 51 m), and underground corridors, and entrances to caves, and 35 meter well.

Skhidnitsa, Ukraine