Repair Cellphone Out of Authorized! Worth? Lose Warranty?

There are several questions that arise about authorized technical assistance for repairs on cell phones. Generally, what most encourages these doubts are the high cost of repairs in the authorized, in comparison with technical assistance independent. The main problem that arises is the question of continuity of the warranty after the repair in the workshop parallel.

But let’s explain a little deeper about the warranties and the repairs of mobile phone, so that no doubt is after reading this article.

Apple’s Warranty, Warranty Samsung, Warranty From LG…Only an Authorized Dealer Can Repair My Unit?

Any qualified technician can make repairs on any cell phone. The quality of this expert, it is logical, varies a lot, but go to an authorized service does not guarantee that the technical there is better than a technical independent.

What happens is that in the authorized technical assistance, the technicians and the own repair workshop receive training and certification direct from the manufacturer of your mobile phone. Including, receive a manual full-service, on how to disassemble and reassemble the unit, the most common problems, what to do when part X or Y of the mobile spoil, etc. They also have prices tabulated by the manufacturer.

In the authorized, many repairs are simple and cheap can be more expensive because, according to the manufacturer, has to replace a larger part of the cell, and not just replace the part that spoiled it. Classic example is the broken screen of the smartphone, which usually has to be replaced along with the glass, although it is completely possible to separate the two and replace only the glass.

Then, the authorized company will charge you more expensive for a service that, outside of the authorized, it is much cheaper. After all, the authorized is trained by the manufacturer to help sell new devices, and not to make you stay years with the same cell phone. This is where comes the main difference between the repairs within and outside warranty.

Repair Within the Warranty of the Phone or Out of Warranty: What is Important to Know

The major issue is that within the warranty, any repair done outside of the authorized can void the warranty. Only that any repair is done in authorized, because of the high costs, will try to convince you to buy a new device. But within the guarantee unless any defect that you may have caused (water, dropping, etc), the authorized company is obliged to make the repair without charging anything for it.

After the warranty expire, or if you have broken the screen of your smartphone, your best option is to look for a repair shop for cell phone not authorized, but with technical quality. You can find out which are the best workshops for repairs through the opinions of customers online, through friends, recommendations from family members, and so on.

Warranty Covers Broken Screen?

As noticed by that we speak up now, the warranty does not cover the broken screen. Including, in some cases, the broken screen takes away the warranty of the device. That is why whenever I buy a phone new, the first thing I do is to buy a protective cover, to avoid the broken screen, and keep your warranty for a longer time.

And the repair of the broken screen, whether in the authorized or outside of it, is usually expensive. The qualification of the technical repair of mobile phone in Brazil is still very low, and only a few specific models of cell phones, such as iPhones, iPads, and the Galaxy, has a workforce that is available in larger quantities, with lower costs.You may need a little bit of research.

For mobile phones iPhone, and some other brands, the warranty can even swap your device with the defect. The video below tells the experience of a person with the exchange of your mobile phone.

Repair Cell Phone, Authorized, or Outside of It?

Being your original cell phone, and a mobile phone of good quality, any repair may be worth it. I can’t stay with the same cell phone for 3 to 5 years because am investing in quality, and I take care well of him. When it was under warranty, all the problems that I had took in the authorized, and I was not charged anything for it. Out of warranty, I even did the repairs, or I will take it to a technician you can trust. But I know that if, for example, my screen break, I’m not going to have to fix, because it will be cheaper to buy a phone new. How do I know that? It is easy to.

If the repair of the cell is more than 50% of the current value of the instrument, it is better to simply buy a new one. Search the internet for how much your used device, and use this as a reference to know how much you pay for a repair. And then, of course, go back in the comments to share your story with the technical assistance authorized or not.