Papo H Podcast #8 – Leaving the House of Parents, Cris Hadfield, Eureka

In this program we talk about the moment that the man will finally live in your own home, either alone or with his wife, comment on Chris Hadfield , the astronaut who rescued the curiosity of the public about the space program and the daily lives of people who are in space, yet in the second block we have the origin of the expression eureka!

Papo H Podcast #8 – Leaving the House of Parents, Cris Hadfield, Eureka

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Leaving the Home of Parents

Every man who still lives with parents dream of the moment have their own space and declares independence, but it’s not all roses, it takes a lot of preparation, courage, and discipline to depart for the solo flight. Our three participants customary, Ricardo Terrazo, Barbara Duarte and Luiz Moro tell how was it to leave the parental home and face the responsibility of sustaining a home. We also heard our friend Paulo Henrique de Moura, the site’s Culture-if, that there are some years left Minas Gerais, brazil and came to São Paulo in search of new challenges.

Chris Hadfield the Astronaut Pop

Everyone is talking about Chris Hadfield, but why? Learn more about the astronaut who, with their photos and videos, has revived the interest of the people in the space program to spark interest in the daily life of the men working in the orbit of the Earth in conditions totally adverse.

What is the Origin and Meaning of the Expression Eureka?

Legend has it that this Greek word became famous because of the English mathematician, astronomer, inventor, physicist and engineer known as Archimedes. But why it was said, and what is your relationship with the law of buoyancy? Listen in to find out!

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– Chris Hadfield on Wikipedia, link to article from Gizmodo about the astronaut and YouTube channel.

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