Oklahoma (State)

State of Oklahoma
Coordinates 35°30’NB, 98°0’WL
Surface 181.196 km²
(1,8% water)
Residents 3.991.508
(21,3 inhabitants/km²)
Capital city Oklahoma City
Governor Kevin Stitt (R)
Time zone −6 / −7
Joined 16 november 1907
Nickname Sooner State
Website ok.gov

Oklahoma is one of the 50 states of the United States. The state is also referred to as the “Sooner State” after settlers who were able to settle sooner in the state to claim land. The default abbreviation is OK. The capital is Oklahoma City.


The area now called Oklahoma was originally settled by Native American tribes such as the Caddo, whose descendants still live today. [source?]

After that, the region was in the hands of the French for a long time . Spain dominated the area for several decades at the end of the 18th century. France eventually sold it to the United States in 1803 (see Louisiana Purchase).

In the 1830s- 40s, many Native Americans were transferred to the region from other parts of the country. The Choctaw Indians, one of the tribes that suffered this fate, gave Oklahoma its current name. In their language okla means something like “people” and homa “red”. Places like Tulsa, Tahlequah, and Muskogee were founded by Native Americans.

Some Indian tribes employed black slaves. During the American Civil War, certain tribes sided with the Confederacy, for which they were severely punished by the federal government afterwards.

In 1889 the government took most of the land given to them from the Indians. From April 22 of that year it could be taken into possession by settlers free of charge. Those who claimed land a little earlier were called Sooners. Oklahoma formally became the 46th state of the United States on November 16, 1907.

In the early 20th century, large-scale oil extraction began in the Tulsa area, attracting even more people to the area. During the Depression years, drought and land misuse led to the Dust Bowl. Fertile soil was blown away in great storms, forcing many farmers to flee the state. This was the subject of John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath and of Dorothea Lange ‘s photographs .

On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh bombed a federal government building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people (the Oklahoma City Bombing).

Oklahoma is located in the part of the United States that has been nicknamed Tornado Alley because of the large number of tornadoes that occur here. On May 3, 1999, Oklahoma was hit by a series of tornadoes, one of which with wind speeds of up to 510 kilometers per hour is the heaviest ever recorded. This tornado reached the suburbs of Oklahoma City. 46 people lost their lives. Oklahoma City has a 345% greater chance of a tornado than the US average.

The death penalty is carried out in Oklahoma. In early 2014, Oklahoma was in the news because an execution went wrong and the death row inmate suffered unnecessary pain, only to die of a heart attack an hour after the injection.


According to JIBIN123.COM, the state of Oklahoma covers 181,196 km², of which 178,023 km² is land. It belongs to the Central time zone. Oklahoma is bordered to the north by the states of Kansas and Colorado, to the west by New Mexico, to the east by Missouri and Arkansas, and to the south by Texas.

The major rivers are the Red, which defines much of the Texas border, the Arkansas, and the South Canadian. Oklahoma has many larger and smaller lakes, such as Lake Texoma and Eufala Lake.

The southeast of the state is the most hilly, but the highest point is the summit of Black Mesa (1516 m) in the Oklahoma Panhandle (the extreme northwest).

Demography and Economics

Oklahoma had 3,523,553 inhabitants (19.40 per km²), of which about 68% of the population lives in urban areas. The largest cities are the capital Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

The gross product of the state in 2001 was $94 billion.

Administrative division

According to COUNTRYAAH, Oklahoma is divided into 77 counties.

County Inhabitants
1 July, 2007
County Seat Inhabitants
1 July, 2007
Adair 21.902 Stilwell 3450
Alfalfa 5593 Cherokee 1437
Atoka 14.512 Atoka 3069
Beaver 5380 Beaver 1406
Beckham 19.700 Sayre 3193
Blaine 12.475 Watonga 5481
Bryan 39.563 Durant 16.161
Caddo 29.296 Anadarko 6337
Canadian 103.559 El Reno 16.286
Carter 47.582 Ardmore 24.625
Cherokee 45.393 Tahlequah 16.419
Choctaw 15.011 Hugo 5445
Cimarron 2664 Boise City 1239
Cleveland 236.452 Norman 106.707
Coal 5709 Coalgate 1873
Comanche 113.811 Lawton 91.568
Cotton 6299 Walters 2482
Craig 15.195 Vinita 6031
Creek 69.073 Sapulpa 20.908
Custer 26.111 Arapaho 727
Delaware 40.406 Jay 3011
Dewey 4338 Taloga 344
Ellis 3911 Arnett 492
Garfield 57.657 Enid 47.008
Garvin 27.141 Pauls Valley 6115
Grady 50.615 Chickasha 17.068
Grant 4497 Medford 1005
Greer 5810 Mangum 2713
Harmon 2837 Hollis 1956
Harper 3254 Buffalo 1078
Haskell 12.059 Stigler 2829
Hughes 13.680 Holdenville 5478
Jackson 25.778 Altus 19.329
Jefferson 6273 Waurika 1795
Johnston 10.402 Tishomingo 3210
Kay 45.638 Newkirk 2130
Kingfisher 14.320 Kingfisher 4499
Kiowa 9456 Hobart 3653
Latimer 10.508 Wilburton 2875
Le Flore 49.715 Poteau 8246
Lincoln 32.272 Chandler 2836
Logan 36.435 Guthrie 11.046
Love 9112 Marietta 2528
Major 7190 Fairview 2554
Marshall 14.830 Madill 3750
Mayes 39.627 Pryor Creek 9239
McClain 31.849 Purcell 6077
McCurtain 33.539 Idabel 6862
McIntosh 19.709 Eufaula 2758
Murray 12.695 Sulphur 4807
Muskogee 71.116 Muskogee 40.015
Noble 11.124 Perry 5042
Nowata 10.723 Nowata 3983
Okfuskee 11.248 Okemah 2934
Oklahoma 701.807 Oklahoma City 547.274
Okmulgee 39.300 Okmulgee 12.630
Osage 45.523 Pawhuska 3473
Ottawa 32.474 Miami 13.364
Pawnee 16.447 Pawnee 2176
Payne 79.931 Stillwater 46.976
Pittsburg 44.711 McAlester 18.232
Pontotoc 36.571 Ada 16.537
Pottawatomie 69.038 Shawnee 30.256
Pushmataha 11.666 Antlers 2484
Roger Mills 3308 Cheyenne 727
Rogers 83.105 Claremore 17.312
Seminole 24.179 Wewoka 3326
Sequoyah 41.024 Sallisaw 8740
Stephens 43.322 Duncan 22.531
Texas 20.032 Guymon 10.574
Tillman 8148 Frederick 3999
Tulsa 585.068 Tulsa 384.037
Wagoner 67.239 Wagoner 7982
Washington 49.888 Bartlesville 35.415
Washita 11.667 New Cordell 2926
Woods 8319 Alva 4738
Woodward 19.505 Woodward 12.206


The executive branch of the state is headed by a governor, who is directly elected by the voters in the state. The 2018 gubernatorial election was won by Republican Party Kevin Stitt. He took office as governor of Oklahoma in January 2019.

The legislature is made up of the Oklahoma House of Representatives (Oklahoma House of Representatives) with 101 members and the Oklahoma Senate (Oklahoma Senate) with 48 members.

Flag of Oklahoma