Nebraska (State)

State of Nebraska
Coordinates 41°30’NB, 100°0’WL
Surface 200.520 km²
(0,6% water)
Residents 1.842.641
(9,25 inhabitants/km²)
Capital city Lincoln
Governor Pete Ricketts (R)
Time zone −6 / −7
Joined 1 mart 1867
Nickname Cornhusker State

Nebraska is a state of the United States. The standard abbreviation for the “Cornhusker State”, as it is nicknamed, is NE. The capital is Lincoln, while Omaha is the largest city and Nebraska City bears the same name.



According to JIBIN123.COM, the state of Nebraska covers 200,520 km². The western panhandle of the state belongs to the Mountain time zone, the rest to the Central time zone. Nebraska is bordered by the state of South Dakota to the north, Wyoming to the west, Iowa and Missouri to the east, and Colorado and Kansas to the south. In some places Nebraska is quite flat, but most of it is hilly. The highest point is 1653 meters. Nebraska, like many other states of the US, has many straight borders, but they do not always share 1 coordinate along their entire length.

Starting in the southeast of the state and clockwise, these are the coordinates of the intersections of the straight borders:

  • First coordinate: 40°N, 95.30829°W
  • Westward to: 40.00308°N, 102.05174°W
  • North to: 41.00236°N, 102.05172°W
  • Westward to: 41.00141°N, 104.05325°W
  • North to: 43.00059°N, 104.05303°W
  • Eastward to: 42.99856°N, 98.49856°W
  • Southeast to first coordinate via the Missouri River

Natural environment

Köppen climate zones for Nebraska

View into the Great Plains at Lincoln

The main rivers are the Platte and the Missouri, which the Platte flows into and which forms the entire eastern border. At the town of North Platte, the rivers North Platte and South Platte meet in the Platte. The largest lake is Lake CW McConaughy, through which the North Platte River flows.

Most of Nebraska (central, north and east) has a warm continental climate with precipitation throughout the year. Despite the cold winters, this climate is relatively suitable for agriculture. The western part of the state has a cold steppe climate.

Oglala National Grassland near Chadron in far northwest Nebraska

The natural vegetation in Nebraska is prairie, a type of grassland. In eastern Nebraska it is about so-called Tallgrass prairie (with long grasses); in the west it is about Shortgrass prairie (with short grasses). In most of the state, however, there is a mixture of both. The tallgrass prairie is protected in the Nine Mile Prairie, a nature preserve northwest of Lincoln. In northwestern Nebraska, which is primarily home to shortgrass prairie, the prairie is protected in the Oglala National Grassland. Nebraska is part of the Great Plains and the Corn Belt.


There is one interstate interstate, I-80. Many of the larger cities in Nebraska are on I-80 (east to west): Omaha, Papillion, Lincoln, York, Kearney, Lexington, Cozad, Gothenburg, North Platte, Ogallala, and Sidney.

Just off I-80 are these major cities (east to west): Bellevue, Grand Island, Hastings, and Holdrege.

Further up the state are these major cities (from a to z): Alliance, Beatrice, Broken Bow, Chadron, Columbus, McCook, Norfolk, Scottsbluff, and Valentine.

Demography and Economics

Nebraska had 1,826,341 residents (9.11 per km²), of which approximately 66% of the population lived in urban areas. The largest cities are Omaha and the capital Lincoln. The median per capita income is quite normal at the American level. There is a lot of agriculture just about everywhere in Nebraska. There is also a large meat processing industry; Omaha is one of the most meat-packing cities in the world.

The gross product of the state in 2004 was 68 billion dollars.

Administrative division

According to COUNTRYAAH, Nebraska is divided into 93 counties.


County Residents
1 July, 2007
County Seat Residents
1 July, 2007
Adams 32.990 Hastings 25.343
Antelope 6757 Neligh 1481
Arthur 356 Arthur 116
Banner 734 Harrisburg 66
Blaine 448 Brewster 22
Boone 5527 Albion 1620
Box Butte 11.001 Alliance 8064
Boyd 2119 Butte 325
Brown 3207 Ainsworth 1657
Buffalo 44.976 Kearney 30.129
Burt 7059 Tekamah 1726
Butler 8377 David City 2485
Cass 25.577 Plattsmouth 6928
Cedar 8530 Hartington 1494
Chase 3698 Imperial 1795
Cherry 5718 Valentine 2647
Cheyenne 9972 Sidney 6477
Clay 6330 Clay Center 760
Colfax 9974 Schuyler 5144
Cuming 9365 West Point 3374
Custer 10.849 Broken Bow 3154
Dakota 20.312 Dakota City 1883
Dawes 8818 Chadron 5489
Dawson 24.744 Lexington 10.155
Deuel 1893 Chappell 884
Dixon 6243 Ponca 1077
Dodge 36.004 Fremont 25.353
Douglas 497.416 Omaha 424.482
Dundy 2031 Benkelman 871
Fillmore 6051 Geneva 2052
Franklin 3158 Franklin 906
Frontier 2663 Stockville 31
Furnas 4732 Beaver City 562
Gage 23.219 Beatrice 12.873
Garden 1834 Oshkosh 699
Garfield 1722 Burwell 1012
Gosper 1971 Elwood 695
Grant 613 Hyannis 235
Greeley 2326 Greeley Center 443
Hall 55.642 Grand Island 44.802
Hamilton 9298 Aurora 4184
Harlan 3392 Alma 1092
Hayes 980 Hayes Center 216
Hitchcock 2844 Trenton 457
Holt 10.312 O’Neill 3338
Hooker 736 Mullen 487
Howard 6612 St. Paul 2207
Jefferson 7516 Fairbury 3821
Johnson 4476 Tecumseh 1591
Kearney 6602 Minden 2856
Keith 8024 Ogallala 4539
Keya Paha 850 Springview 208
Kimball 3602 Kimball 2233
Knox 8665 Center 81
Lancaster 275.665 Lincoln 248.744
Lincoln 35.500 North Platte 24.079
Logan 745 Stapleton 290
Loup 644 Taylor 183
Madison 34.134 Madison 2202
McPherson 7690 Tryon
Merrick 7690 Central City 2757
Morrill 5047 Bridgeport 1459
Nance 3572 Fullerton 1227
Nemaha 7039 Auburn 3267
Nuckolls 4533 Nelson 517
Otoe 15.647 Nebraska City 7068
Pawnee 2686 Pawnee City 886
Perkins 2928 Grant 1099
Phelps 9175 Holdrege 5170
Pierce 7284 Pierce 1652
Platte 31.849 Columbus 21.399
Polk 5208 Osceola 866
Red Willow 10.748 McCook 7464
Richardson 8351 Falls City 4046
Rock 1515 Bassett 638
Saline 13.873 Wilber 1737
Sarpy 146.756 Papillion 22.222
Saunders 20.184 Wahoo 3994
Scotts Bluff 36.370 Gering 7645
Seward 16.554 Seward 6727
Sheridan 5450 Rushville 868
Sherman 3013 Loup City 890
Sioux 1351 Harrison 254
Stanton 6395 Stanton 1578
Thayer 5163 Hebron 1341
Thomas 600 Thedford 173
Thurston 7208 Pender 1131
Valley 4263 Ord 2065
Washington 19.959 Blair 7870
Wayne 9317 Wayne 5289
Webster 3609 Red Cloud 984
Wheeler 809 Bartlett 113
York 14.370 York 7904




The executive branch of the state is headed by a governor, who is directly elected by the voters in the state. In 2014, Pete Ricketts of the Republican Party was elected governor of the state of Nebraska. On January 8, 2015, he succeeded his party colleague Dave Heineman, who was governor of Nebraska for ten years.

Nebraska is the only US state that does not have a bicameral legislature: there is only one parliament (Nebraska Legislature) with 49 members who call themselves senators, even though it is not referred to as the Senate. This is because in 1934 the House of Representatives was abolished. Another unique fact is that it is officially an impartial parliament, so without division into Democrats, Republicans or others. In practice, however, there is a large Republican majority.

Flag of Nebraska