Meaning of Status Bar

A bar can be a piece that is longer than thick, an iron lever that is used to move something heavy, a roll of uncut metal, a graphic sign that is used in writing, the counter of a shop, the swollen of a sportsman or team and group of friends who meet frequently.

The state, on the other hand, is the situation in which something or someone is; a way of being or being; or the form of sovereign and coercive social organization that is based on the existence of institutions with the authority and power to regulate the functioning of a given society.

In the field of computing, a type of element that is part of the graphical interface of a software is known as a bar. The status bar is one that is usually located at the bottom of a window and that presents information about the status of the window.

It must be taken into account that, as with other elements with similar characteristics, the status bar is a component that can be hidden or shown based on the wishes of the person in question who is using a program computer or surfing the Net.

In certain applications, such as word processors or spreadsheets for example, to be able to activate or deactivate it, you need to go to the View menu, which is located in the upper left part of the screen. Once in it, what you have to do is click on “Show status bar” or the opposite.

The characteristics of the status bar (also called the status bar) vary according to the characteristics of the computer program in question. One of the most important status bars for the user is the one that appears in web browsers, since it shows the loading progress of a page or shows where a hyperlink is going just by placing the mouse cursor over it.

In the case of the Internet, and specifically the Windows operating system, when you are browsing you can show or hide the status bar in a very simple way: from the Tools Menu and, once inside, by clicking on Application Options. Then you will have to click on the General tab and, activating or deactivating, the alternative “Show status bar”.

In word processors such as Microsoft Word, the status bar indicates various information about the document that is open, such as its number of pages or the language.

However, these are other data that the status bar gives us in the Word program:
• Zoom level.
• Number of words, characters, lines…
• Possibility of moving the cursor to zoom in or out of the document.
• Mode of viewing the document, the page and the screen that you have at the moment and the possibility of modifying it at the desired moment: page mode, full screen, as a web browser, in outline form, as a simple draft…

Status Bar