Meaning of Beat

Before entering fully into the the term beat it is necessary to know its etymological origin. In this case we can establish that it is a verb that derives from Latin, exactly from “battuere”, which can be translated as “hit” or “beat”.

The first definitions of beat mentioned in the dictionary of the DigoPaulrefer to making an attack, hitting something or destroying it. However, among the almost thirty meanings of the term, there are others that are used more frequently.

According to DigoPaul, the action of beating, for example, may consist of stirring and moving a substance in order to make it dissolve or change its consistency: “After adding the milk, we must beat the mixture for five minutes”, “The dessert already It is almost ready: it only remains to whip the cream “, ” I am going to whip the preparation a little to make it creamier.

It is common for a cook to mix some preparation. The whipped cream or whipped cream is made by beating the milk cream (cream) so that the combination of air with fat generates a colloid. If sugar and vanilla are added to the whipped cream, you get whipped cream or chantilly.

Beat, on the other hand, can refer to beating a rival or opponent. The notion also refers to breaking a mark: “To beat the German team we have to play concentrated throughout the game”, “My dream is to beat the world record for long jump”, “We are going to fight together to beat the enemy! ! ” .

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore the fact that the term in question is very commonly used in an expression. We are referring to “breaking a record”. It is used to mention that a person has managed to overcome a record that existed in any sports, cultural field…

Thus, for example, it can be said that the Guinness Book of Records is full of people who have managed to beat the performances of other people in a specific skill or in a sports discipline. However, the most curious are those referring to particularities or singular actions such as these:
-Norwegian Helge Johansen has the honor of having broken the record for having knitted the longest scarf in the world. Specifically, his was just over 4,565 meters long.
-The man who has the record of having managed to magnetize the most spoons possible on his body is a man from Georgia who did it with 53.
-The record for the longest hair in the world is held by Xie Qiuping, from China , because it measures more than 5.6 meters.
-The record for the largest cotton candy in the world is held by Germany with one that is 5.45 meters long.

In some South American countries, one is told to beat the act of denouncing, discovering or betraying someone, or of informing the authorities data related to a criminal act: “The investigators believe that the criminal was killed by his colleagues since they thought he was to beat everything before the police ”, “I’m not going to beat you! Rest assured that I know how to keep a secret “, ” After beating, the young man left the city.