Meaning of Bar

A bar is a piece that is longer than thick, made of metal, wood, or another material, usually cylindrical or prismatic in shape. This term has multiple uses depending on the context, since there is a wide variety of bars.

The bar can be the counter of a bar or similar business. In the case of bars or some restaurants, the bar is used as a table so that the customer, whether standing or sitting on a stool, can eat or drink something. For example: “My grandfather spent hours and hours at the bar counter, drinking wine with his friends and discussing football”, “We go to the bar so we order a few drinks”, “I ate a slice of pizza at the bar and then I went to the office ”.

In Latin America, the notion of bar is used to name the public that attends the sessions of an assembly or court, the fans of an athlete or sports team and the group of friends who meet frequently: “The judge had to ask the bar for silence on several occasions ”, “ The Deportivo San Pedro bar caused serious incidents at the gate of the stadium ”, “ Tomorrow I’m going to have dinner with the bar to celebrate Luis’s birthday ”.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that bar is a word that is used frequently within what would be computing. And that is the name given to all those rectangles full of icons that are used to carry out different operations both within a word processor and a spreadsheet and even while browsing the Internet.

In this regard, there are many types of bars, although tools, menu bars, favorites, commands or even status bars take a special role.

Likewise, we cannot forget that barra is also part of the name of an ancient sport that was practiced in Spain and that today is maintained in some areas as a tradition. We are referring to the Castilian bar, which is typical of the autonomous community of Castilla y León.

It basically consists of the person who practices it, being within a delimited square on the ground, must throw as far as possible an iron bar that has dimensions of 75 centimeters in length. In this way the participant will win who, complying with the rest of the established rules, is able to make his bar the one that reaches the furthest of all.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore that in the Spanish province of Pontevedra there is the well-known Playa de Barra, which is framed within the town of Cangas de Morrazo and is composed of fine, golden sand.

A bar, on the other hand, can be an iron lever that is used to move heavy things: “Hand me the bar so we run this box”, “I need a bar to force the door.

The roll of gold or other unworked metal (“Juan has a bar of gold in his safe”) and the vertical or oblique graphic sign that is used, in writing, to separate (“Marcelo has been my friend / boyfriend for many years ”) are other uses of the bar concept.