Meaning of Arduous

The arduous is an adjective, which comes from the Latin word arduus, is used to describe what has a high degree of complexity or difficulty. Doing something hard requires a lot of effort.

For example: “To overcome an addiction you have to go a long way”, “I have a lot of hard work ahead of me, but I am convinced that, with the help of my team, I will be able to make the country grow again and that all the inhabitants live in better conditions ”, “ The Russian athlete planned an arduous training program to reach the competition in optimal conditions ”.

It is worth mentioning that the word arduous and its feminine arduous fall into a particular group that generates confusion when writing them because they do not know if they have a tilde. In this particular case, the doubt of many people is whether they should put an orthographic accent in the first a, and the answer is a categorical no, since it is a grave word ending in vowel (ar-duo), and the rule of accentuation contemplates that neither these nor those ending in n or s have a tilde.

The rating of arduous is associated with a process that involves certain complications. Suppose a young man decides to apply for a study scholarship at a university. As a first step, the institution asks you to complete a form with your personal data and to detail the reasons that lead you to request the scholarship. In addition, you must attach the grades you earned in high school, which must be good. Once this process is completed, the boy is summoned by the rector for an interview. Later, you are asked to pass an assessment to demonstrate your knowledge. All these stages demonstrate that, to obtain the scholarship, you have to complete an arduous process.

A selected football that is devoted champion of the world, on the other hand, you also have to walk a difficult path to reach the goal: overcoming stage playoff continental level, placed at the top of the group at the World Cup and enforced in duels of the second round, quarterfinals and semifinal to reach the final match and win it.

Outside of the formalities and personal or professional challenges, one of the most arduous problems that can result in life is illnesses, both when they attack us directly and when they affect our loved ones. Human beings like to feel that we can control everything, but that only happens in our imaginations, as terminal illnesses are responsible for showing us, for example, when they come to bring down our entire emotional structure.

Comply with doctors’ instructions to carry out rehabilitation exercises, take unpleasant medications with very strong effects on the body, undergo various surgical procedures, spend months in a hospital or have to visit him several times a week to go through annoying controls. and testing is the description of a very difficult stage, and thousands of people experience these things or even worse.

One of the concepts related to this definition is resilience, the ability that some living beings have to adapt to a situation or state of adversity, or to face a disturbing agent, generally recovering the integrity they had before the arduous stage or even becoming stronger than ever.

The corresponding adjective is resilient, and we should all aspire to place it next to our name, since only when we successfully go through an arduous stage and reemerge, do we manage to grow and exploit our abilities, get to the bottom of our essence to see the world with a greater spaciousness and living oblivious to impositions.