Meaning of Archangel

The Greek word archángelos came to the Latin language as archangĕlus, which in turn derived in our language archangel. The concept of archangel is used in the field of religion with reference to a heavenly spirit that is part of the angelic hierarchy.

Christian angeology recognizes three hierarchies. The archangels belong to the third hierarchy and their order is located between the principalities and the angels. Both archangels and principalities and angels are considered as divine messengers.

Catholicism maintains that there are seven archangels, although only three are named in the Bible: Archangel Gabriel (the main messenger of God), Archangel Raphael (patron saint of pilgrims), and Archangel Michael (leader of God’s army and protector of the loyals). The rest of the Catholic archangels are Remiel, Sariel, Raguel and Uriel.

Archangels also appear in Judaism, Islam and other religions, although with different characteristics. For Muslims, for example, there are ten archangels, Gabriel being the most important.

Arcángel, on the other hand, is the stage name of Francisco José Arcángel Ramos, a flamenco singer born in 1977 in Huelva (Spain). It is also the stage name used by Austin Santos, a reggaeton singer who is part of the duo Arcángel & De la Ghetto.

A Marvel Comics character who first appeared in 1963, a city of nearly 350,000 inhabitants located in northern Russia and a neighborhood in the Spanish town of Córdoba are also called Archangel.

In the Marvel Universe, the Archangel character is also known as Angel, among other pseudonyms, although at birth his parents called him Warren Kenneth Worthington III. It is a superhero created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to be part of the first number of the series The Uncanny X-Men, in September of the year 1963. Later, Arcángel participates in groups such as the Defenders, the Champions and the X Factor.

Its most outstanding power is the ability to fly, with feathered wings that closely resemble those of birds, which it can easily fold and hide behind its body to go unnoticed in front of people who ignore its mutant status. It is important to indicate that all their anatomy is inspired by that of the birds:

* his bones are hollow, so that the weight of his body is light enough to be able to take flight with his wings;

* the sharpness of your vision is comparable to that of an eagle or a hawk;

* his eyes are prepared to withstand the action of the wind when traveling at high speeds, something that humans do not count on;

* In its respiratory system it has a membrane capable of extracting oxygen from the air in the most extreme situations and speeds.

Regarding Arcángel’s biography, it is known that he was born in New York and that his wings began to grow in his adolescence, slowly from his shoulder blades. Although at first he cannot bear the idea of ​​being different and suffers the contempt of others, he soon understands that thanks to his wings he can do something good for society. Before Professor X recruits him to join the X-Men, he calls himself the Avenger Angel and lives his adventures alone, hidden behind a mask and wearing a matching suit.

The first days of Archangel in the team of X-Men are not easy to bear for others, since it has the typical attitude of a spoiled millionaire child, tactless and systematically rebel at the evidence of others. Just like Wolverine, he falls in love with Jean Gray but his feelings are unrequited.