Maryland (State)

State of Maryland
Coordinates 39°0’NB, 76°42’WL
Surface 32.160 km²
(21,2% water)
Residents 5.828.289
(230 inhabitants/km²)
Capital city Annapolis
Governor Larry Hogan (R)
Time zone Eastern Standard Time (UTC−5)
Joined 28 April 1788
Nickname Old Line State, Free State

Maryland is one of the states of the United States. The standard abbreviation for the “Old Line State” , as it is nicknamed, is MD. The capital is Annapolis.


According to JIBIN123.COM, Maryland was originally an English colony, founded by George Calvert (Lord Baltimore), who led the first settlers to the area on March 25, 1634. The majority of the inhabitants were Catholic, unlike in most other colonies at the time. The Maryland Toleration Act of 1649 was one of the first laws that explicitly allowed multiple (Christian) faiths. The state, contrary to popular belief, is not named after the Blessed Virgin Mary, but after the French wife of King Charles I of England, Queen Henrietta Maria.

The area that the colony was allowed to encompass was initially that between the 40th parallel and the Potomac River south of it, but this was based on an erroneous map. Because this would make Philadelphia, the principal city in Pennsylvania, part of Maryland, the Calverts and the Penn family, who controlled Pennsylvania, appointed astronomer Charles Mason and surveyor Jeremiah Dixon in the 18th century . The boundary between the two colonies at latitude 39°43’20” north is part of what was later called the Mason-Dixon line.

Baltimore was founded in 1729, named after Lord Baltimore. The city became an important Catholic center and archdiocese.

Maryland was one of thirteen colonies that rebelled against the British crown (see American Revolution). On March 1, 1781, it was the last of the thirteen colonies to approve the Articles of Confederation . With that, they came into effect.

In 1790, Maryland, like Virginia, ceded land for the creation of a federal district: Washington DC.

During the American Civil War, Maryland, which lay between the Union and Confederate states, remained largely neutral. The bloody Battle of Antietam took place on September 17, 1862.

Maryland was the first state in the world to have a mobile library in 1905. The books were carried around in Washington County by horse and cart. This phenomenon spread further throughout the United States and also in Europe.

Maryland was one of the first American states to introduce same-sex marriage. It became the 18th state in the United States to abolish the death penalty in 2013. On May 2, 2013, Governor Martin O’Malley signed the bill in question.

Maryland had the highest median household income of any state in 2014.


The state of Maryland covers 32,160 km², of which 25,338 km² is land. The state is located in the Eastern time zone.

The west of the state is hillier than the east. The highest point is 1024 m above sea level.

As indicated above, the southern boundary is formed by the Potomac River, which like the Susquehanna flows into Chesapeake Bay. There are many swamps along this bay.

Neighboring States

Neighboring States
West Virginia Delaware
Virginia District of Columbia Virginia


Maryland had a population of 5,296,486 (165 per km²).

The largest city is Baltimore. Furthermore, many of Washington DC ‘s suburbs lie within Maryland territory.


The gross product of the state in 2001 was 175 billion dollars.

Administrative division

According to COUNTRYAAH, Maryland is divided into 23 counties and one independent city, Baltimore.

County Inhabitants
1 July, 2007
County Seat Inhabitants
1 July, 2007
Allegany 72.594 Cumberland 20.676
Anne Arundel 512.154 Annapolis 36.603
Baltimore County 788.994 Towson 54.051
Calvert 88.223 Prince Frederick 1680
Caroline 32.910 Denton 3833
Carroll 169.220 Westminster 17.715
Cecil 99.695 Elkton 14.825
Charles 140.444 La Plata 8787
Dorchester 31.846 Cambridge 11.796
Frederick 224.705 Frederick 59.220
Garrett 29.627 Oakland 1856
Harford 239.993 Bel Air 9884
Howard 273.669 Ellicott City 61.850
Kent 19.987 Chestertown 4899
Montgomery 930.813 Rockville 58.706
Prince George’s 828.770 Upper Marlboro 665
Queen Anne’s 46.571 Centreville 3322
Saint Mary’s 100.378 Leonardtown 2218
Somerset 26.016 Princess Anne 2918
Talbot 36.193 Easton 14.379
Washington 145.113 Hagerstown 39.640
Wicomico 93.600 Salisbury 27.883
Worcester 49.374 Snow Hill 2331


The executive branch of the state is headed by a governor, who is directly elected by the voters in the state. In 2014, Larry Hogan of the Republican Party was elected governor of the state of Maryland. He succeeded Democrat Martin O’Malley, who served as governor of Maryland for eight years, on January 20, 2015.

The legislature consists of the Maryland House of Representatives (Maryland House of Delegates) with 141 members and the Maryland Senate (Maryland Senate) with 47 members. Democrats have had a majority in both houses for more than 20 years.

Maryland’s representation in the United States Congress consists of two senators and eight representatives. Both senators and the majority of MPs are members of the Democratic Party.

Flag of Maryland