Little game of racing for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod – Reckless Racing

Those who like games race and have already spent hours playing Enduro on the Atari knows how addictive it can be this type of fun.

Now that the video games are own mobile phones that accompany us everywhere, it is even more difficult not to become a gamer in my spare time. Just put on a headset that any place serves to play.

One of the games run very cool for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and also for Android is Reckless Racing, a race easy to control with the checkpoints and objectives and that you have the top view of the car and the track as a whole. The controls are on the same screen, with buttons to direct to the direction. Simple to play and very fun.

You can download Reckless Racing for iPhone by the App Store and for Android in the Market.

See a video with a gameplay of Reckless Racing on iPhone

This is a picture of the spread of the game in the Android Market:

Like? Then download to your mobile phone and already begins to play.