ICAO Definition

According to abbreviationfinder, ICAO stands for International Civil Aviation Organization. It is an agency of the United Nations Organization created in 1944 by the Chicago Convention. It regulates and regulates international civil aviation and manages problems concerning Aeronautics. It is directed by a permanent council based in the city of Montreal, Canada. The supreme body of ICAO is the “Assembly”, and its executive is the “Council”.(made up of 33 states). At its meetings, the work carried out by the Organization in the technical, legal, economic and technical assistance fields is reviewed, and the guidelines for the future work of the other ICAO bodies are established. The Council is made up of some contracting states elected by the Assembly.


The agreement that provided for the establishment of an international civil aviation organization was drawn up by the International Civil Aviation conference held in Chicago from November 1 to December 7, 1944 to govern safety and control the increasingly growing boom in aviation. aviation. It entered into force on April 4, 1947. At first it was the Provisional International Civil Aviation Organization and was in operation from June 6, 1945 until ICAO was officially established.

Commissions and Committees in function.

These commissions govern the work of the executive (Council):

  • Air Navigation Commission.
  • Air TransportCommittee.
  • Collective aid committee.
  • Finance Committee.
  • Staff Committee.
  • Committee on unlawful interference in civil aviation and its facilities and services.
  • Technical cooperation committee.
  • Legal Committee.


Develop the principles and technique of international air aviation and encourage the formulation of plans and the development of international air transport. To achieve these ends, it seeks to promote the progress of international civil aviation, promote the design and management of aircraft for peaceful purposes, stimulate the development of air routes, airports and satisfy the needs of the peoples of the world in relation to safe air transport., regular, efficient and economical.

ICAO Regional Offices.

Organization and location of the different venues:

  • West Africa (Dakar)
  • Africa – Indian Ocean(Nairobi)
  • Europe (Paris)
  • Middle East (Cairo)
  • North America, Central America and the Caribbean (Mexico)
  • South America(Lima)
  • Asia and Oceania (Bangkok)