How to Protect a Mobile Device Against Theft?App and Where to Hide!

Keep your smartphone safe and secure is increasingly important. We’re not just talking about apps and security measures to protect your data and personal information: we are talking about also protect your phone physically, against theft, against burglars who might want to stick their hand in their pockets or bags and carry your expensive smartphone.

Of course, we are not talking for you to resist an assault. You should NEVER resist a robbery. However, it is possible to protect your cell phone best of small oversights, and the applications are only just one of the small steps along the way.

How to Protect Your Cell Phone Against Theft: Lock Screen and Apps

Is the protection by fingerprint or strong password, the more clear is your cellular phone, the better. Enable all security options possible on your device, download applications, antivirus with blocking of files and photos, go to Settings/device Settings and in security options, enable the Encryption of your files. All this will make your device more secure, if he come to fall into the hands of people with bad intentions. Use a good app to hide your photos, hide your files, and put password on all apps possible. The more security, the more difficult it will be for the thief to use the device.

Protect Your Phone Against Theft by Installing a Tracking Application Device

GPS and WiFI a device might assist you in finding the best restaurants, the best paths to a destination, and the best ballads. These same devices will help you to find the device, provided that you have installed a tracker in it.

For mobile Apple, there is the Find My iPhone, you need to enable iCloud on your device. After that, simply go in Settings -> Search, iPhone, and touch enable. If the phone is stolen, go to iCloud and look for where it is.

On Android, simply download the app Device Manager in the Play Store or in Settings -> Security -> device Manager. Turn on all the options. In case the device is stolen, go to the Google site to search for it. Remember that the device has to be connected to the internet to be found.

Attach a Short Letter with Your Address to Your Phone

It sounds silly, but it is not. You can be in the battery compartment, in capinha of the phone, or on a small sticker. But put an address or contact for those who find the appliance power shall find, if the cell is found. Many times, mobile phones lost do not find their owners not because they were stolen, but because they were simply lost, and who found had no idea of how to find the owner.

Make Backup of All Your Photos, Videos, and Important Documents

Storage applications in the cloud offer the most diverse types of tools so that you can make the Backup of all the files on your device. Google Photos, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox. Just choose and you will have a service that can store your files in the cloud.

Ensure the Security of Your Mobile by Registering the IMEI of Your Device

Every mobile has a IMEI (International Mobile station Equipment Identity). Unlike other information hese figures are recorded in its circuits and difficult to alter. Your mobile service provider already has this number of 15 digits to be stored, and may be able to use it to put the phone on a list of phones lost/stolen. You can find the IMEI for your phone by entering * # 06 #. The number should appear on your screen. Or you can open the battery compartment, and the number will be printed.

Protecting Physically Your Cell Phone: Avoid Storing it in Your Pockets

Cell phones are the volume in the pockets, and are the first places where a thief will look when they want to steal it. Even the thinnest handsets still make up some volume in the pants. The worst thing is that you can let the device fall or be pulled and not even notice.

The best option is to have a purse, briefcase, or backpack with a compartment where the mobile phone can be the most hidden possible, and use a small Bluetooth earphone. This is the safest way.

Another safe way is to use a mobile phone in a pocket, inside a blouse, with a headset connected to it, with music playing. Thus, you will always know when the cell is disconnected, because the phone will stop ringing immediately.

Make a Secure Your Mobile Phone

Do not react to a robbery, never. Make a secure on your phone so you can stay more calm, especially when it is a most expensive model (more than two minimum wages). Insurance of mobile phone are not so expensive, and will leave you more peaceful, rather than have to be thinking of thirty different solutions for how to protect yourself from burglars.

Therefore, we hope that we have given you all the warnings. If you have any tips that we didn’t put here, leave it in the comments. We want your participation.