How to Capture Image From Mobile Screen?

Make screen captures is a standard feature on iPhones, Android smartphones, latest, Windows Phones and even Blackberries, but for some reason it is not very intuitive. Images allow you to share the screen of your phone with your friends, document technical problems to the technical support of the company, and even do a step by step guide is easy to follow for any application. Here are a few ways how to do the screen capture in different devices.

Screen Capture on iPhone

To capture the current screen of your iPhone, simply hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake (On/Off or on/off) at the same time . On an iPhone running 2.0, your screen will flash white. On devices running iOS 2.1 and higher, there will also be a sound effect of the shutter of the camera. To access the images, simply go to the app Photos. The process to capture the screen on your iPhone is pretty much the same for your iPad and iPod.

There are also free apps in the iTunes store that can do the screen capture for you with ease.

Screen Capture in Android Phones

On an Android phone running 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich ), hold the buttons volume down and the power button, tightened at the same time. The screen will flash and you will hear a sound effect. If you look to your notification bar, you should also see an image icon. You will be alerted when the image was saved successfully. Very easy, right? If you’re in a phone running Jelly Bean (4.1) or later, you can see a preview of the screenshot by pulling down your notification center. Your image can now be found in a new folder in the app Gallery.

As well as on the iPhone, there are apps in the Play Store that allow you to capture the screen including gesture. Including, such gestures are patterns in some phones. The example, Samsung phones are the capture of the screen when you pass the whole hand “sweeping” the screen. This behavior you can see in the video below.

Other forms of capture through the shutdown menu also exist in other devices.

Screen Capture on Blackberry Devices

Unlike iPhone and Android phones, the Blackberry unfortunately does not have a screen capture function built in. However, a third-party application called Capture It will cause you to not feel left out. Just open with the phone’s browser, scroll down and click on Download.

Install the application and go to the phone Options. Then, navigate to Application Management (Applications if your operating system is the older BlackBerry 6). Find Capture It, press the Menu button, select Edit Permissions and change all permissions to Allow. May have other applications good in the store of the Blackberry, just just one search to find them.

Now all you need to do to take screenshots is select Capture It by pressing the Menu button and scroll down to the option . It is not as convenient as an Android or iPhone, but it works.

Screen Capture on Devices with Windows Phone

See something interesting on your Windows Phone that you want to take a screen shot? Whether it’s an exchange of text with a friend, a score that’s unbelievable in a game that you just play, or any other similar thing, you can have a picture of her. Images are saved in your Pictures Hub and are easy to share.

In Windows Phone 8.1, just press the buttons on and Volume up at the same time to take a photo of the screen. These are automatically saved in the Pictures album in the pictures Hub. To take a screen shot on Windows Phone 8, press and hold the Start button and turn on at the same time.

As well as the other devices, it is also possible to use apps from the Microsoft store to make the capture of the screen.

Forgot to put some method to capture the screen here? Share in the comments the applications that you use or the methods that you use to capture the screens of their devices.