Google Reader for Nokia

Those who use smartphones or mobile phones for Nokia can not rely on the application created by Google to access the Google Reader, as it occurs on Android. Even more so after Google Reader has been discontinued, those who want a Feed reader the RSS had to run to the other alternatives.

NewsFlow RSS reader

A good software that lets you read the feeds grouped together in Google Reader is the NewsFlow. It is well maintained, and is available for platforms such as iOS, Android, and of course, the Symbian, the operating system of Nokia.

The NewsFlow has some qualities that I think are essential in a feed reader RSS. For example, it enables you to browse through the items, filter by: all, unread, starred, by tag or by source. Shows items in details, with title, source, date and summary. Allows you to use a light or dark theme, which makes it much easier to read in situations of too much or little light. Finally, the app has options to mark as read automatically, mark as unread, favorite, open the original in the browser or share it on Facebook or Twitter.

The choice of navigation by folders is also available to the most updated versions of the application. Here’s a video that shows a little bit of NewsFlow in operation.

There are other applications for reading RSS feed that can be used, one as good as another. Even has applications for reading for smartphones and tablets, which allow for the registration of news from RSS feed to read. I already used some of them, and the NewFlow manages to stay among the best. For those who still have a Nokia with Symbian, you can also be the only option.

You use or intend to use an RSS reader? Which one is your favorite? Share with us the characteristics that you think are essential in a reader RSS feed, and what program you use for this type of reading!