Front Definition

The term front can be used in different ways. As an adjective, it qualifies what is located in front of it. For example: “I am going to travel in the front seat, you go in the back with the children”, “The thief entered the house through the front yard”, “The fire occurred in the front sector of the factory”.

The idea of ​​front end is used to name the set of elements found in the front part of a car. The steering mechanism, brakes and suspension system are part of the front end.

The front legs of an animal, on the other hand, are those that are located closest to the head. Dogs, to name one case, have two front legs and two back legs.

In the field of sport, the player who is located near the arch or the goal of the rival team is known as a striker. This position makes scoring goals a striker’s main objective.

A striker, in soccer, is that athlete who works in the offensive sector and performs attack functions. Although the tactical layout varies according to the ideas of each coach, each team generally places two or three forwards on the field of play.

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It is determined that among the main characteristics that every good striker must have are the following:

-You must have skill and intelligence to be able to solve in the shortest possible time any situation that could end in a goal.

-No less important is that he must have a good finishing ability, because that will mean that his team can trust him when it comes to scoring goals and thus obtaining victories.

-You must have dexterity with your legs and agility to avoid rivals.

-Likewise, he also has to be quick to be able to take advantage of any stolen ball and be able to turn it into a clear goal scoring opportunity.

-Of course, it is essential that it has a good shooting power.

-It is vital that you have a great ability to deal with the melee “confrontation” with the opposing team’s defenders.

Likewise, it is determined that he has to contribute to building the game, to have a good connection with the rest of his teammates and to enjoy a good vision of the game.

Forwards who play in midfield are called centre -forwards. Those that are located in the lateral areas, on the other hand, are called extremes or tips. The Argentine Lionel Messi, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the Uruguayan Luis Suárez and the Englishman Wayne Rooney are some prominent forwards.

In addition to those mentioned, we have to establish that there is another important series of strikers who are considered among the best in history:

-The Brazilian Pelé, who was three times world champion with his national team.

-The Brazilian Ronaldo, who, after the previous one, is the second highest scoring player of his team and who has won the FIFA Best Player award three times.

And to them should be added Maradona, Puskás, Di Stéfano or Marco Van Basten, among others.