Delaware (State)

State of Delaware
Coordinates 39°0’NB, 75°30’WL
Surface 6452 km²
(21,5% water)
Residents 945.934 (2015)
(179 inhabitants/km²)
Capital city Dover
Governor John Carney (D)
Time zone Eastern Standard Time (UTC−5)
Joined 7 december 1787
Nickname First State
ISO 3166-2 US-DE

Delaware is one of the states of the United States. The standard abbreviation is DE. The capital is Dover.


The area now called Delaware was originally settled by indigenous peoples. The Lenni-Lenape, who were one of the oldest Algonquin -speaking peoples of North America, came to be known to European settlers as ‘Delawares’. Both Dutch and Swedes settled there in the 17th century, but after 1682 it became part of the English colony of Pennsylvania. The name “Delaware” is derived from the title of Sir Thomas West (1577-1618) (Lord de la Warr ), who was governor of Virginia.

At the beginning of the 18th century, three counties split off under a Pennsylvania-passed anti-slavery law, forming the colony of Delaware. Delaware was one of the thirteen colonies that fought together against English rule (see: American Revolution). On December 7, 1787, it was the first to ratify the Constitution, which is why its nickname is First State. The Maryland – Delaware border is part of the Mason-Dixon line. The states south of this Mason-Dixon line were later called Dixie and Dixieland.

Although Delaware knew slavery, it remained with the Union during the American Civil War. On February 18, 1865, just before the surrender of the Confederacy, Delaware voted against the abolition of slavery. It was not until February 12, 1901, that Delaware ratified the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.


According to JIBIN123.COM, the state of Delaware occupies 6452 km², of which 5068 km² is land. It is the smallest of the fifty states after Rhode Island. It belongs to the Eastern time zone.

Delaware occupies the northeast of the Delmarva Peninsula, which is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It borders Pennsylvania to the north, Maryland to the west and south, and New Jersey to the east. Part of the state line is defined by the Twelve-Mile Circle.

The main river is the Delaware, which forms the border with New Jersey. The highest point in flat Delaware is just 137 m.


Delaware had 945,934 inhabitants (179 per km²). The largest cities are Wilmington and the capital Dover.

According to the 2010 United States Census, Delaware had a population of 897,934. 68.9% were White (of which 65.3% were non-Hispanic Whites), 21.4% were African American, 0.5% were Native American or Eskimo, 3.2% Asian American, 0.0% were Pacific, 3.4% were from another race and 2.7% were from two or more races. 8.2% of the Delawese population is Hispanic.


The gross product of the state in 2001 was 41 billion dollars.

The legislation in Delaware regarding, among other things, taxation and hostile takeovers is seen as very favorable by many companies, so that there are many companies that are formally located in Delaware while their headquarters are in another state.

List of counties in Delaware

According to COUNTRYAAH, the US state of Delaware is divided into three counties: New Castle, Kent County and Sussex County. This makes Delaware the state with the fewest counties

Counties in Delaware

The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code, which is used by the United States government to uniquely identify counties, is provided with each entry. The FIPS code for each county links to the population data for that county.

County FIPS-code County seat Founding Residents
July 1, 2007
July 1, 2007
Kent 001 Dover 1680 152.255 35.811
New Castle 003 Wilmington 1664 528.218 72.868
Sussex 005 Georgetown 1664 184.291 5157



The executive branch of the state is headed by a governor, who is directly elected by the voters in the state. Since January 2017, John Carney of the Democratic Party has been governor of the state of Delaware.

The legislature consists of the Delaware House of Representatives (Delaware House of Representatives) with 41 members and the Delaware Senate (Delaware Senate) with 21 members. The Democrats have had a majority in the Senate for more than twenty years. Since the 2008 elections, they also have a majority in the House.

The representation in the US Congress consists of two senators and one representative; all three have been Democrats since the 2010 election. A well-known former senator is Joe Biden (1973-2009), who was vice president under Barack Obama (2009-2017) and the president of the United States since January 20, 2021.

Flag of Delaware