Comparative E-readers: the Lion, Kindle and Kobo

There are three major ereaders available in Brazil: the Lion, the Hail; the Amazon Kindle; and the Kobo, Livraria Cultura. Each one offers different benefits to their users, and we will analyze and compare all three to find which one is the most advantageous to the purchase according to what you need for your digital reading.

Bulgarian, Kobo, or Kindle: Design

All 3 devices follow the same design that became standard since the first Kindle that was released. An ereader is made to be unobtrusive, minimalist, to resemble as much as possible from a physical book. Here, which will dictate his choice will be up to your personal taste for a bigger model or less, with Kobo being the slimmer model.The Light has a button on the front, which can make it a bit easier browsing, although the Kobo and the Kindle to opt for a system touch easy-to-use. Everyone has a finishing plastic with little or no difference between them.

We repeat that in this matter, the choice is very subjective and going by the taste of the buyer.

Kobo, Bulgarian or Kindle: Performance and Hardware

The years of development and several iterations of the device made the Kindle has an advantage in this regard. The screen is well responsive to the touch, the setting is among the best in the market, and the ease of use is great. As the Bulgarian and the Kobo are more new and little bit optimized, some commands fail in many moments, which can impair a little the navigation or accuracy. An emphasis should be given to the speed of transition of pages on the Kindle, relative to competitors. All models of the 6 inch display has a good resolution of the screen, with special highlight to the Kobo Aura, which has the best resolution among all models analyzed.

Two choices are possible here: if performance is an important criterion for you, the Kindle is the best option. If screen resolution is more important, go with the Kobo Aura.

Bulgarian, Kobo or Kindle: Storage

By the amount of books that the memory of an ereader can store, we can consider all 3 similar models in the store. The Kindle has a fixed internal memory, not expandable, while the Kobo and the Bulgarian has entries for memory cards, allowing you to expand the storage. The Bulgarian Neo has the largest internal storage space, but that may change with the next iterations of the devices.

No matter the store for those who will read only books with lots of text on the ereader, because these files of books are quite light, and it is possible to store up to more than 2 thousand books in the internal memory of the devices. However, if you want to read books with lots of images or read comics, the option of models with expansion slots for microSD cards becomes necessary.

Bulgarian, Kobo or Kindle: the Digital Library

With conversion programs, any one of the devices may have access to a variety of file formats to read. However, not everyone has the patience or the time to check which files your ereader can or can’t run, much less doing the conversion of digital books purchased. Generally the Kindle is more limited for formats, making it necessary to convert various types of files before reading on the device. Already the Kobo and the Bulgarian are more open, with the bonus for the Bulgarian that optimizes the PDF for reading on the device.

The truth is that in this criterion, any one can be a good option. You just need to learn a little bit about the conversion of files to your reading device. We can say that the Bulgarian has a small advantage here, due to the optimization for reading PDFs, but the advantage is small.

Bulgarian, Kobo or Kindle: Interface

The interface means ease of navigation and use of the devices, in addition it is easy to organize and access your library of files. The Kobo has a more visual worked, with a graphical presentation interesting to your collection, while the Kindle and the Bulgarian opt more for simplicity. At the time of making notes, the Bulgarian is more complicated, the Kindle is the most simple, and the Kobo the most affected by the hardware not so sensitive to the touch.

If the notes are more important to you than the organization of your collection of books, go Kindle. If you care more about the organization than typing notes, go to Kobo.

Bulgarian, Kobo, or Kindle: Battery Life

By using screens And ink, the battery of all the devices has a duration of considerable, even when the reading lights are some of the models are linked. Different from a smartphone or tablet, ereaders can stay for weeks without being refilled without many problem.

All three are good options as to the duration of the battery, without a large difference in duration between the devices.

Bulgarian, Kobo, or Kindle: Connectivity

All models have at least connectivity via WiFi and via USB, which makes it easy to transfer files between the devices. It is worth highlighting here the Kindle, which has models with connectivity via the networks of mobile telephony, which can be a big advantage for anyone who is always traveling or is away from wi-fi networks for a long time.

All are good options in this criterion, with an advantage for the model Kindle with connectivity in mobile networks mobile, especially for those who live out of the house and away from WiFi networks.

Bulgarian, Kobo, or Kindle: Price and Availability

The most simple designs of the devices are always in the same price range, while the models of intermediate and top of the line have larger differences in price. However, the differences are so few that the other criteria end up becoming more important at the time of the choice of the ideal model for you.

What is the Best Model to Choose?

Personal taste is something very subjective, and we can see that there is a balance in the highlights between the various devices. Many are those who give the victory to the Kindle, by delivering a more complete experience and balanced, as well as an ecosystem rich. After all, Amazon is one of, if not the largest bookstore of digital books in the world (counting the titles in other languages). However, the Kobo and the Bulgarian also deliver good experiences and can deliver up to a better performance in some aspects, which leaves the choice more difficult.

Those who want to make a good choice, just go through each one of the items that we put on our list, and see which of them are most important to you. Weighing one-by-one you’re sure to find the best model for your needs.

Which devices did you choose? Why? What were the most important criteria in your assessment?