Clock Smart! Worth Having a Smart Watch?

As well as with plug-in electric cars and 3D printers,smartwatches are still looking for their place and here are some reasons why I’m not falling for all the emphasis on these appliances and , if you are smart, nor are you.

And Your Other Clock?

Here is the thing : most of us already have at least one clock in which we spend some money and like to use. It really is a big industry, in case you don’t know. What will you do, use one in each arm? You will fall in the ridiculous.

What is the Point, After All, a Smartwatch?

Well, maybe if it had some features of spy James Bond as a garrotte or he would shoot small darts explosives, could be cool . I’ll have to think about this, while they develop such options for the smartwatches.

They are Very Complicated

Apple is the most valuable company technology because their products work. They only are simple with ease of use, integrated way, straight out of the box. For a smartwatch to do something legal, it has to be paired with a smartphone or a tablet. This is very complicated. Even so, it has a tiny screen with limited capacity. Nine times out of 10 you will get frustrated and just use your phone in place. It is the easiest way.

An Item for Your Better Health?

It is the same? I am a runner. I have a pair of running shoes, shorts, and socks. I don’t need to know how far I run or how many calories I burn. I know that I am in shape because my clothes fit. Funny that the more things fitness that we buy, the more acid we become. If the whole world stop trying to be so smart and just go out and do something, there would be no obesity epidemic. Maybe a heart rate monitor I would buy, but outside of this, nothing more.

What is the Killer App?

Each intelligent gadget you own has to have at least one killer app. That is why you invested money to buy it. That is why if you leave the house without it you have a panic attack. You have to have it. For this to be true of a SmartWatch, it has to be able to have at least one app killer, such as voice – to – text or navigation, hands-free all the time, and not only with limited capacity, and paired with your phone.

You Can Enter in Conflict with His Glasses

There would be a real bummer if the Google Glass would be the next big thing? All the cool people are walking around sporting these glasses high-tech, and you’re stuck with a watch I switch to the future that cannot do anything on their own?

What I Want Does Not Yet Exist

Look, I know that it is a great product when I see one. I knew that the iPhone and the iPad were killers when released. I don’t know what a smartwatch may soon be something big. We’ll just have to wait and see.

This is Exactly What We Need?

We all complain about information overload, having to be at a pace of 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and do not have time to do anything. We are all hopelessly addicted to the distraction and attention that we get from our smartphones, iPads, Twitter, Facebook, and all apps. This is really what we all need, another intelligent gadget, as well as an alcoholic needs a bottle of whiskey?

The more I think about it, maybe I simply ignore the whole thing of dressing up the gadgets and I’m going to direct thinking in cybernetic implants. Dreaming costs nothing, doesn’t it? But for now, it’s not worth to have a smartwatch in this first wave of devices and not an implant cyber.