SCSI Definition


According to abbreviationfinder, SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface (interface Small Computer System) is a standard interface model parallel high speed created by the X3T9.2 committee of ANSI in 1986. Some professional castellanizan it as scuzzy or escosi, by the English…
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MMS Definition


According to abbreviationfinder, MMS stands for Mobile multimedia messaging. MMS is a universally accepted standard as part of the 3GPP technical specifications, which allows mobile phone users to with MMS capabilities, send and receive formatted text, sound, images, animations and…
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GPRS Definition


According to Abbreviationfinder, GPRS is an acronym for G eneral P Acket R adio S ervice (General Packet Radio Service), which is an evolution of the standard GSM, and that’s why sometimes called GSM ++ (or GMS 2+). Since it is a second generation telephony standard that allows a transition…
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