The world is made up of 200 countries and regions, each with its own unique culture, geography and history. Africa is the world’s second largest continent and home to 54 countries. It’s a land of stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, vibrant cultures, and an ancient history. Countries like Egypt, South Africa, and Nigeria are well known for their beautiful landscapes and rich cultural heritage. African nations have endured centuries of colonialism and struggle that have shaped their societies today. Asia is the largest continent in the world with 48 countries. It’s home to some of the oldest civilizations in human history like China and India as well as other fascinating cultures like Japan and Thailand. Asia has a variety of climates from tropical rainforests to snow-capped mountains. Europe is known for its stunning architecture, beautiful cities, unique cultures, and fascinating history. There are 44 countries in Europe ranging from small island states like Monaco to larger nations like Russia or Germany. The European Union (EU) has brought together many of these nations under one economic umbrella making it easier for people to travel across borders without visas or passports. North America consists of 23 countries including the United States and Canada as well as Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and more. This region is known for its diverse cultures ranging from Native American tribes to modern cities like New York City or Los Angeles. North America also has spectacular natural wonders such as Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon that attract millions of tourists every year. South America is made up 21 countries including Brazil which makes up almost half of the continent’s landmass alone! It’s a land full of incredible biodiversity with dense Amazon rainforest jungles filled with exotic wildlife species that can’t be found anywhere else on earth! South American cities such as Rio de Janeiro are also popular tourist destinations due to their vibrant nightlife scenes and lively beaches! Australia & Oceania consist of 14 countries including Australia itself which makes up most of the region by itself! This part of the world is known for its unique wildlife species such as koalas or kangaroos which can only be found here! The oceanic islands are also very popular tourist spots thanks to their stunning beaches which attract thousands each year! Finally Antarctica is not considered an official country but it still remains an important landmark on our planet due to its amazing wildlife species such as penguins and seals which call this icy continent home!

Wyoming (State)

Flag of Wyoming

State of Wyoming Coordinates 43°0’N, 107°30’W General Surface 253,554 km² (0.7% water) Inhabitants 568,158 (2.26 inhabitants/km²) Capital city Cheyenne Politics Governor Mark Gordon (R) Other Time zone Mountain Standard Time (UTC−7) Joined July 10, 1890 Nickname Equality State Website…
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Washington (State)

Flag of Washington

State of Washington Coordinates 47°30’N, 120°30’WL General Surface 184,824 km² (6.6% water) Inhabitants 6,664,195 (2009 estimate) (34.20 inhabitant/km²) Capital city Olympia Politics Governor Jay Inslee (D) Other Time zone Pacific Standard Time (UTC−8) Joined Nov 11, 1889 Nickname Evergreen State…
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Virginia (State)

Flag of Virginia

Commonwealth of Virginia Coordinates 38°N, 79°W General Surface 110,862 km² (7.4% water) Inhabitants 8,096.604 (79 inhabitants/km²) Capital city Richmond Politics Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) Other Time zone Eastern Standard Time (UTC−5) Joined June 25, 1788 Nickname Old Dominion Song Our…
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Vermont (State)

Flag of Vermont

State of Vermont Coordinates 44°0’N, 72°42’W General Surface 24,923 km² (3.8% water) Inhabitants 626,431 (26.1 inhabitant/km²) Capital city Montpelier Politics Governor Phil Scott (R) Other Time zone Eastern Standard Time (UTC−5) Joined March 4, 1791 Nickname Green Mountain State Website…
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Utah (State)

Flag of Utah

State of Utah Coordinates 39°30’N, 111°30’WL General Surface 220,080 km² (3.3% water) Inhabitants (2005) 3,117,222 (14 inhabitants/km²) Capital city Salt Lake City Politics Governor Spencer Cox (R) Other Time zone Mountain Standard Time (UTC−7) Joined January 4, 1896 Nickname Beehive…
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Texas (State)

Flag of Texas

State of Texas Coordinates 31°N, 100°W General Surface 696,241 km² (2.5% water) Inhabitants (2016) 28,762,596 (40.0 inhabitant/km²) Capital city Austin Politics Governor Greg Abbott Side Republican Party Legislature Texas Legislature House of Lords Texas Senate House of Commons Texas House…
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Oregon (State)

Flag of Oregon

State of Oregon Coordinates 43°56’8,99″NB, 120°34’30,00″WL General Surface 255.026 km² (2,4% water) Residents 3.831.074 (15,0 inhabitants/km²) Capital city Salem Politics Governor Kate Brown (D) Other Time zone −7 / −8 Joined 14 februari 1859 Nickname Beaver State Website Oregon…
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Ohio (State)

Flag of Ohio

State of Ohio Coordinates 40°30’NB, 82°30’WL General Surface 116.096 km² (8,7% water) Residents 11.544.951 (109 inhabitants/km²) Capital city Columbus Politics Governor Mike DeWine (R) Other Time zone Eastern Standard Time (UTC−5) Joined 1 mart 1803 Nickname Buckeye State Website…
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Nevada (State)

Flag of Nevada

State of Nevada Coordinates 39°NB, 117°WL General Surface 286.585 km² (0,7% water) Residents 3.080.156 (2019) (9,57 inhabitants/km²) Capital city Carson City Politics Governor Steve Sisolak (D) Other Time zone -7 / -8 UTC Joined 31 October 1864 Nickname Sagebrush State,…
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Nebraska (State)

Flag of Nebraska

State of Nebraska Coordinates 41°30’NB, 100°0’WL General Surface 200.520 km² (0,6% water) Residents 1.842.641 (9,25 inhabitants/km²) Capital city Lincoln Politics Governor Pete Ricketts (R) Other Time zone −6 / −7 Joined 1 mart 1867 Nickname Cornhusker State Website Nebraska…
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