Caster SP – Mobile

In large cities such as São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and other capitals of the country the traffic is a growing problem. The demand to solve this problem leads to the creation of applications with various features such as view cameras BHTrans in Belo Horizonte, the situation of the roads of SP, or even software map and navigation offline for those who still do not use 3G internet. In the wave of applications for navigation, traffic, and GPS, there are several that serve to inform the dates and venues of round-robin in SP.

Not everyone knows the huge city of São Paulo, such as the palm of the hand, so it is easy to cheat and enter an area of the caster on the wrong day and not realize it. To avoid fines because of the round-robin you can use the apps for Android and iPhone.

In Android you have a application of round robin very simple that only shows the map of the caster and the place where you are located. Already has a great usefulness and you just need to be aware of the rules of the round robin to know when you can’t go with your car in the affected area. You can download page of the Android Market or looking for the “Rodizio SP” on your device.

Already on iOS (iPhone, iPad…) there is an app much more complete that also has the name of “Caster” SP. In addition to showing the caster and their placement on the map, it warns you by voice with respect to its position in relation to the caster. It also informs about the time and dates of the beginning and the end of the round robin for all adapters or only for the card of your car, pre registered. The Rotation SP for iPhone can work in the background, her guiding voice while you use your iPhone normally for other tasks. It costs only $0.99 and can save a fine as well more expensive!