Apple Manipulates The Size of The Galaxy S in The Evidence Presented to Sue Samsung

This morning, when we were talking about demand Apple to remove devices from the Galaxy range, the European market was impossible not to remember to manipulated tests who presented the Cupertino company to block sales of the Galaxy Tab. What ironic.

Web Wereld has had access to the evidence presented by Apple in the Hague Tribunal and it seems that they have returned to manipulate tests so the size of the Samsung Galaxy S is similar to the iPhone 3GS and therefore: make it more similar. In the picture that heads the post you can see the original size of the terminal and handling in question.

As in other occasion we are talking about manipulation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab: each draw their conclusions. The truth is that it is suspected that in the same week they come out two similar cases. In the case of the tablet time judge has ordered not to stop the sale of the same, we’ll see what happens in this lawsuit.