7 Tips to Improve the Coverage of Wi-Fi

You’re sure to already went through the “sofrência modern” you have problems with the low signal quality of the wireless internet, right? Good to know that the solution is necessarily in the purchase of a new router. You can improve coverage of your Wi-Fi with minor modifications, and, say, some tricks also.

7 Tips to Improve the Coverage of Wi-Fi 1

Check out the following 7 tips to improve the coverage of Wi-Fi in your home or establishment:

Configure the router correctly

The router needs to be configured properly according to the characteristics of your computer and other devices that may be connected to it. To do this, carefully read the instruction manual and familiarize yourself with the options screen of your device, which should be accessed through your internet browser.

But take care: don’t go out stirring in any configuration if you are not sure of what you’re doing, huh?

Where is located your router?

The position of the router in the environment is the primary factor that influences the power of the Wi-Fi signal. How much more near your computer or any other device it is, the more powerful will be the signal of the internet.

And the opposite also applies: the further away, the worse the quality. Therefore, consider in which rooms are your electronics and place the router a central form. Thus, it can be accessed easily from different points in your house with no loss of signal.

7 Tips to Improve the Coverage of Wi-Fi 2

Let it away from water pipes

It may seem strange, but another factor that can negatively influence the quality of the Wi-Fi signal is the presence of water, especially in the piping of the house or establishment. If there is one or more walls with plumbing between your computer and the router, for example, the trend is that the signal suffers interference.

Rearrange your electronics in a way that never there is a wall with plumbing in between, which occurs in the case of bathrooms and kitchens.

Altitude is everything

In addition to the location, it is also important to consider the height at which your router is. In general, the higher it is, the better will be the quality of the signal. Therefore, do not leave it in a mobile very low. If possible, place the unit on top of a bookcase, for example.

Thus, you will avail a better coverage of the signal, the more spaces in your home.

7 Tips to Improve the Coverage of Wi-Fi 3

Use aluminum foil

An easy way to increase the power of the Wi-Fi network is by using aluminum foil. This type of material is able to direct wave signal, which is ideal in the case of a router.

Place a piece of aluminum foil so that “embrace” the antenna of your router and leave an open space in the direction you want more signal power.

Attention: do this only if you want to direct a good part of the signal in a single direction.

Repeaters also help

If none of these methods is unsuccessful, it is worth considering the purchase of a repeater. This type of device serves to expand the coverage area of the Wi-Fi signal from a router, working in conjunction with it.

Keep an eye on the specifications of the frequency of your router and purchase a repeater that is compatible.

Other possibilities

However it is important to consider the positioning and configuration of your router, you may be experiencing these problems because of the computer.

Check the properties of your operating system and make sure that the drivers of your wireless network card are up to date. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets tend to be able to “catch” the Wifi signal with more ease, but this may vary from model to model.

And there, managed to improve the coverage of Wi-Fi by following these tips? Still have questions? Leave your question in the comments below and keep following our tips here on the blog! =)