Zagg InvisibleShield Screen Protector for iPad 2

The main characteristic of each internet tablet is a large and striking touch screen that extends over the whole surface of the tablets. iPad 2 features a LED multi-touch display with a resolution of about 132 pixels. Since all command functions just run across this touch screen. It should be well protected from the beginning. The ideal protection for iPad 2 display would be an appropriate screen protector with which the display is well protected from all traces of usage.


In the market, you can find a wealth of different protective films for iPad 2 which are an ideal protection for iPad 2. The so-called InvisibleShield is one of the most popular protectors not only for iPad 2, but also for other electrical appliances. InvisibleShield is a very thin protective film, which perfectly protects the iPad 2 display but also the back cover. Naturally other solutions for protecting the iPad 2 displays can be found under iPad accessories such as a corresponding cover or even an iPad 2 case.


InvisibleShield screen protector for iPad 2 can easily and quickly stick to the display of the iPad 2 and remove easier without glue traces or damage. The package includes InvisibleShield for iPad 2, a rubber spatula and a spray for the film, and a cleaning cloth.