You’ll Save Not the Battery, Close the Apps on Your iPhone [TIP]

Many iPhone users think when they close all their apps, so keeping the battery anymore. In fact, it is just the opposite.

There was once upon a time long ago, when it made sense to close apps that lay and ran in the background on your iPhone. It made sense because we saved a bit of power, and your iPhone felt again a bit faster. The time is thankfully over. But no longer need to do this, and it has not needed this for a long time. However, I see on a daily basis people who repeatedly closes all of their apps on their iPhone … even the SMS program. And then they open it again 2 minutes later. They are thinking, of course, that they save battery by it, but in fact it may in many cases be just the opposite.

Let iOS manage your apps

The operating system on your iPhone (also called iOS) has over time become more intelligent, and one thing it does really well is that control which apps are allowed to run in the background, and thereby use your phone’s RAM. The myth goes that when you close your apps on the phone, so they are not in the background and uses power. How does it not work in reality. IOS keeps constantly track of the apps running in the background and automatically closes apps down after a short period of time, if there is no need for them, or if that will be freed up RAM.

When you have been using an app and then you press the Home button, then the app is automatically suspended by operating system and stops with, to use the processor in your phone. Thus swallows it no longer power. There are of course exceptions to this, such as music apps where you actively listen to music. An app as it will only be suspended when not in use. But as a rule do not spend valuable time on, to close apps in iOS system does it all for you.

The only time where
It makes sense to close a
the app down, if the app freezes

It can sometimes look as though we have a lot of apps running in the background when you get double pressed the Home button. But we must remember that the multitasking window also displays the apps, as the operating system has shut down a long time ago.Instead, it is now just a shortcut to the app, and not something that is actively running in the background.

The only time where it makes sense to close an app off, is if the app freezes or behaves strangely.

You saves power by NOT closing apps

When you close an app on your iPhone, then remove it from the phone’s RAM. This means that when you need to use the app again, so should your phone use processing power on, open the app up on new, and thus use more power. If the app is instead still lay suspended in the phone’s RAM, it will be able to be active in a split second-and at the same time opens your apps now much faster, win/win.

Get a handle on what apps are allowed to run in the background

You can on your iPhone even help, to determine which apps are allowed to run in the background and save power. Go into options and choose the menu item “General”. Then you will find “update apps in the background” and press the. You now have a list with your apps. Those that are marked with a green, are those your phone allows, to run in the background. If you have some apps that you do not need the background activities, so you can turn it off. By not letting Facebook running in the background, one can save a great deal of power.