You Should Not Charge Your Smartphone At Night

Many of us charging your phone at night, but did you know that it can be dangerous? And it is also bad for your battery.

It is dangerous to charge your phone at night!
Night charge is today very common, and it is interesting that this trend is strongest among younger people. According to a shopping site, the proportion of users who wont to charge your phone at night for those between 18 and 29 years of age is 47 percent, while it is a little over 10 percent for those over 65 years.

Why is it not safe to charge your phone at night?

It to charge your phone at night (or when you are not present) can first and foremost be flammable. Experts advise against night charge, and warns that a burning Mobile also emit dangerous gases. One should also avoid charging other devices (tablets, notebook etc.) at night. Just think of that over 50 percent of all house fires begins in the electrical installations.

Other reasons why one should avoid night charge is the battery itself: it destroys the rechargeable batteries to lie to charge longer than necessary.

Also, have you heard that your iPhone charger can be flammable?