Windows Phone 7 Details

It happened just now in New York, an event in which Microsoft formally introduced Windows Phone 7. The operating system that is expected from the beginning of the year will begin to be distributed in November, when American consumers can buy devices of different brands for a price that closely resembles the main competitor of MS in the smartphone segment. Before that, the system should appear in Europe in late October.

When you start the product presentation, Steve Ballmer, the company’s CEO, said that with Windows Phone a difference “is not what you can do on the phone, but how you do it.” And indeed, the MS tried to show that things work differently in WP7 than we have become accustomed to see on other platforms – read: iPhone OS (iOS) and Google Android.

The word “mine” (my English) must have been one of the most used during the press conference, which was broadcast via webcast. Ballmer made ​​a point of saying that is “my world, my game , my contacts” … All based on “my” because Windows Phone 7 approach is to put the user as real owner of the appliance and its functions.

Interesting points were raised on the platform created by Microsoft, which will be adopted by weight manufacturers like Dell, HTC, Samsung and LG. The physical buttons Back (Back), Start (Start) and Search (Search), for example, should be present on all devices in the same way that the buttons options, Home and Back are present in all running devices Android. The iPhone OS have the ability to press the icons on Home Screen for a few seconds in order to edit the order of the icons.

Access to the camera will be very fast, as demonstrated one responsible for Windows Phone 7. With the unit in standby mode, simply press the right button in landscape mode for the system already turn on the camera and allow exceptional photos (it seems that major appliances with the system will have at least 5 megapixels of resolution, which already helps in quality photographs). In addition, the user can set to automatically upload photos to a cloud-based service.

The integration of WP7 with Bing will be full as we could have expected. The Search button (Search) allows you to search the service of MS, with the right to customize the results according to the user’s location. A search for Thai food, for example, would bring as a result the closest options where the user is. In some cases, complete with notes and recommendations on restaurants found. With different interface, Windows Phone will display the map and the list of restaurants in the same screen, something that no competitor is in a dignified manner.

The Start button (Start), operating system inheritance for desktops and laptops, must be pressed for a few seconds to enable voice commands. The research demonstrated during the presentation failed in the first attempt by lack of connectivity, but the second attempt worked very well. The MS also stated that what the user speech is not processed by the device, but is sent to a server that does the task and returns the result. Just as it happens now on Google Android, by the way.

Investment in plants (or hubs) for the main activities and interests on a smartphone proved to be right, at least in the statements. The People hub (people), for example, work more or less like the new Windows Live Messenger 2011: the system will search for contact information on the main social networks, allowing a more complete experience. In the Pictures hub images are the highlight, complete with automatic upload to online photo services and synchronization with gifts image files on the user’s computer.

For professionals, the Office. A specific hub for productivity suite of MS ensures full integration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other applications. The user can view the document and edit them directly on the handset. And most interesting is that, depending on the device settings, these documents will be synced to the cloud. Thus Bill Gates company offers editing of documents three ways: on the web through Office Web Apps in the desktop and notebook computers with Office 2010, and on mobile devices with Windows Phone 7. And the support documents is native.

The games had a special moment during the presentation of Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has ensured that only this platform will have integration with Xbox Live, the gaming service in Xbox network – a worldwide success, say by the way. Users can move the same avatar for mobile games and Xbox 360. In addition, victories and achievements in the island will be entitled to small prizes such as accessories and new clothes, to the user’s avatar. The MS, however, did not explain how this feature will work.

And the fans games on mobile devices can celebrate: the EA Games will be a partner of Microsoft in producing games for WP7. The Sims for the platform is ready.

Nine devices running Windows Phone 7 will go on sale in November in the United States. AT & T promised several, including the Samsung Focus, which will have incredible 4-inch display. Its processor is the 1GHz Snapdragon and the price for sale will be $ 199.99. It is worth remembering that the same AT & T sells the iPhone 4 for the same price, provided that the customer sign a 2 year contract.

Nearing the end of the presentation, two things were revealed and that dialogue with the competitors of Windows Phone 7. The updates platform will be released for all devices and all carriers, which certainly clashes with the Android currently offers. This is Microsoft promises a platform that is constantly updated, one advantage for WP7.Finally, the company reviewed the decision not to copy and paste. Earlier they had said that this feature was not essential for smartphones, but now turned back. The detail is that CTRL C CTRL + V only comes in 2011.

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