Windows Mobile Format

Microsoft is spreading on the mobile phone market: Smartphones have already established themselves with touch screen. In the SDA, T-Mobile now brings Windows Mobile format on the market. We could undergo a prior serial device to a first test.

T-Mobile takes the thing itself in the hand: how even at the PDA phones MDA MDA II of the operators of the SDA as a Smartphone under his own name brings out. The device by HTC in Asia works with the Microsoft platform little beloved by mobile phone manufacturers. Rather than a touch screen like MDA II and co. the SDA cell phone keyboard and joystick is controlled.

On the following pages, learn whether the device with the current Smartphone competition cannot match.

Facilities: Extended Arm For The Desktop PC

The “start” button with Windows flags left down on the screen of the SDA, you know from your PC. Click the left soft key, the function abundance of smartphones will be visible: about two and a half screens extends the list of applications.

In addition to the PDA functions, which are closely based on Microsoft’s Outlook, the SDA revealed a VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with average picture quality along with night mode, color effects, and camcorder function (176 x 144 pixels). The length of the videos is limited by free memory. The SDA is ahead the MPx200, Motorola competitors who have has since spring, the camera and the newer version of the operating system. Finally fixed the MMS feature was integrated into the version Windows Mobile 2003.

Java engine, MSN Instant Messenger, Internet Explorer, voice recorder, and the ability to read Office or PDF files, complete the extensive Organizer functions. The file manager helps manage the 32 MByte of large RAM memory, reported by investtops. The test device approximately 28 MB free, in addition, an SD card slot is under the battery.

Thanks to tri-band support for use in the United States, changeable environment profiles, voice dialing, and a port for an external antenna, the SDA offers enough comfort during a telephone conversation.

Data functions
Bluetooth, IrDA, and a USB cable enable data exchange with other devices. Yet these functions are not really integrated. So, the photos only via MMS or email can be send from the camera function, in file manager, you can send a photo by E-Mail or infrared.The remaining options are missing in each.

Synchronization done ActiveSync with the PC quickly and easily. In less than two minutes, almost 1,000 contacts landed on the SDA. A special wizard helps you set up the email client, also worked.

Practice: Straightforward And Uncluttered

The maxim “Form follows function” was partially neglected by the competition lately. Not so with the SDA: simple and very clearly stems from the device. Despite plastic packaging – front gloss, matte back – high quality acts the device. The only weak point: the battery has some game.

Facts & figures
A bright 65,536 color display takes about half of the front in claims. The display with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixel measures 35 x 43 mm and clearly represents the menu.Friendly as energy the display works, only shows a battery test with a serial device. T-Mobile promises standby time of 200 hours and hours by four hours. To conserve resources, the display when not in use turns off either completely after five, ten or more minutes.

The soft keys may be unusually small, can be but as the entire keyboard operated well. Even the side buttons have a noticeable pressure point. A five-way joystick, which towers above the keyboard well one millimetre, allowing a safe navigation serves as a mouse replacement.

The menu acts as tidy as controls. The digits with which you can directly invoke functions in the long lists, can be seen at a glance. However, prove the routes partly quite long. As effective as a conventional phone, the SDA can be not operated, and not everything is there and that’s where we expect it.

After all: The most recently used functions line up up on the home page. The home screen also informed of upcoming events and messages. Practical: In stand by mode, tap a digit, appear at the same time possible matches in the address book under number. The system searches on matching names and surnames.

Typical Windows: the first series unit takes to startup and shut down a long time. The Smartphone competition works but usually not much faster.

Conclusion: At Eye Level

The hungry giant Microsoft is threatening for years to engage-a long time without any significant results in the mobile phone market. However, T-Mobile SDA is a Windows Smartphone that can keep up just fine with the established competition.

The Functional is enormous, the connection to Windows computer with Outlook sync easy and effective. The cell phone features including MMS support are well integrated in the latest version of Windows Mobile 2003.

Should convince the series version of the SDA in battery measurements and the acoustic test, the device could not only to the handy alternative to the clunky PDA phones become, but also the Symbian devices from Nokia and Siemens are dangerous.

With the announced price of about 370 euros without a contract, only a few competitors can match. By the way: T-Mobile think also of those who may use professionally no camera cell phone for safety reasons and promises a SDA without a camera. In addition, there will be a SDA with special keys for controlling music player music.