Windows 10 Mobile Phones

Joe Belfiore di Microsoft back on a subject that in recent weeks has failed to generate a certain curiosity among the audience that follows with interest both the story of the Android world, both those involving more closely the Windows Mobile Windows Phone ecosystem/10 — the ability to use Windows Mobile on 10 Xiaomi Mi4 .

The Microsoft Executive confirmed this morning that the program Windows Insider will be activated in China in the coming weeks with Smartphones to Xiaomi. It underlines the fact that Belfiore speaks in the plural (“phones”) then, Xiaomi Mi4 may not be the only model able to use a ROM of Windows Mobile 10 tests.

For the moment, that confirms that he has personally tested Xiaomi E4 with Windows Mobile 10 (photo), merely to confirm the next enabling tests in China (Please note that some ROMs leaked have already started circulating on the net), but does not add any additional details on the possibility of expanding the program even European users.

As a side note adds that the project does not involve, at the time, no direct interest of Xiaomi in producing Windows Mobile 10. This is the result of collaboration between Microsoft and Haier the Chinese user community.