Will.I.Am Launches Smart Watch

San Francisco, California-Will.i.am, star of international music, launched this Wednesday (15/10) his own clever watch. Called Puls, the new intelligent device is a bold bet. With 16 gig of internal storage, 1GB of RAM, the smart watch brings space to a SIM card (the cellphone cards), and connects to the cellular networks via 3g.

The watch was launched in partnership with the AT&T operator in the United States, and with the O2 (company of the Telefonica group) in the United Kingdom. For example of other similar appliances, Will.i.am offers Wi-Fi connection and also Bluetooth. The appliance was shown to the public for the first time during the Dreamforce event of the Salesforce, and should bring, among other applications, one specifically developed by the Salesforce. The watch also brings a personal assistant, to La Siri, from Apple, only in this watch, it is called Aneeda *-it is a corruption in English that refers to “I need a”, or “I needed”.

Will.I.Am Launches Smart Watch

Music and Fitness

As it could not cease to be, the Will.i.am apparatus has a great focus on music. A new system organizes the tracks not in playlists and yes in collections, which can be accessed with the help of the personal assistant. The fitness side is also present, with a feature that is able to count the repetitions of any kind of movement. For those who have a personal trainer, for example, the watch allows the connection between two appliances, so that the teacher has real-time information about the student’s performance.

Fashion and technology

André Leon Talley, columnist of Vogue magazine in the United States, was one of the guests to launch, in a strategy adopted to try to bring the launch of the fashion world. Moreover, one of the appeals of the presentation was precisely to try to sell the idea that the new gadget is a mixture of technology and fashion, which was dubbed Fashionology, the junction of the words technology and fashion.

Innovation for Batteries

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the presentation was the portion in which other wearable devices were presented. A shoe model, which is able to count the steps and also acts as a scales. Another example was a jacket that has the ability of loading smart watch battery. A backpack that mixes an extra battery, again to charge the clock. All appliances connect, one way or another, with the watch, to increase the battery autonomy.