Which Cell Phone Has the Best Signal?

When talking about the signal of cellular handsets in Brazil, we are involving a series of factors: 3G and 2G signal quality, available antennas, location, where the person is making calls and more. However, speaking of signal from phones, we are also talking about wireless signal quality, Bluetooth, GPS and more.

Which Cell Phone Has the Best Signal?

Taking these criteria into consideration, is it possible to choose a mobile device with a better signal?

When a handset is launched in the months prior to its launch, it goes through a series of tests, both in the real world and in controlled environments such as laboratories and test rooms. All the features of the unit are tested. There are specific rooms, including just to test the sound quality of the device. Even after all these tests, some devices may still be defective in construction, as was the case with the iPhone 4 at its launch, when a specific way of holding the phone slowed the reception of the device. Or even the reception of the GPS signal from some Samsung phones. However, we point out that these were defects in device design and were not discovered during the tests, not something that could be considered to choose a better or worse signal. After all,

When talking about Bluetooth, it is easier to choose a device with the best reception of data transmission. At the time of writing, the most current Bluetooth version available on the market is 4.0. The bigger the better. Apple devices have Bluetooth but it is only used between their own devices and accessories that use it, somewhat lessening its usefulness. Therefore, the newer the version, the better the reception and transmission of Bluetooth data.

The GPS, 2G, 3G, 4G and the Wireless signal is much more difficult to choose a better device. This is because such connections depend on many variables. In recent scientific research, it has been proven that even a person’s breathing can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal in a home. The 2G, 3G and 4G reception depends much more on the amount and range of the antennas in a certain region than on the device. And the quality of these technologies in Brazil still has much to improve, but Anatel has done its part to guarantee a minimum quality to the users of the system. The GPS still depends on one more factor, which are the satellites that provide information on the location of the cell phone.

Therefore, it is difficult to choose a cell phone only considering the quality of the signal. In fact, what you should look out for is whether or not it has the reception you seek and the features you want a handset. Perhaps, having a GPS phone is not that interesting and a cell phone with Wi-Fi can be very useful in your day to day life. There are more gadgets that may have design problems, but these are rare nowadays. Therefore, it is up to your personal taste and preferences the main role in choosing the right cell phone for you.