Where Is My Water? Where Is My Perry?, Temple Run: Brave and Break Ralph! Google Play in Free

Update: The games have become to be paid their regular price. Who managed to download a game for free will be currently bought to install it again or on other devices. It is unknown if Google and Disney are testing this type of offers, the offer free payment applications for a time limited, something that until now was not allowed to do.

Disney Mobile have you got four of its most popular payment games for Android and have passed them to free download. They are the games Where is my water?, where is my Perry?, Temple Run: Brave and breaks Ralph! It had a normal price of 0.76 euros.

It is unknown why why now these games have become free, since in theory seemed that they were selling very well at that price so low. It could be that Disney has passed the free-to-play model Although if so it remains to be seen if they reward users who bought the games with new content.

If you have not changed the thing at the time of the new version of Google Play, the payment application that becomes free already cannot be payment, something which is a shame, since other stores, as in Apple’s App Store or from Amazon that permitting and many offers of payment applications are free to download for a limited time.