WhatsApp Begins to Require Payment to Android Users, Now It Seems That Yes They Seriously

All have seen the exponential growth of an application, Whats App, that he came to revolutionize instant messaging with an idea as powerful as unsafe, it is to join phone numbers with user accounts to facilitate the discovery of other users directly from the phone book of your phone.

The operators have never been very happy with this type of applications, which are now rampant, because they limit you a good part of the business that were short messages, now replaced by Messaging via the Internet using the data of the terminal, which is moreover indispensable connection.

WhatsApp was born free for Android and it still is, although we refer only to the installation, because since the beginning of the times announced a trial period of one year after which it would have to spend to pay 78 cents per year for the use of the service. It should be recalled that terminals of Apple users have always had to pay to install it.

So far, that the trial period expired to Android users, the application itself extended les service with a new deadline for test for free, not reaching to pay never though it threatens this.

Well, the party is over, and it is that apparently, users who has been expiring license these days have not received your free extension, but that they are directly with the message that your license has expired you and need to purchase a new.

There is no other solution than to pay, and the application itself redirects to the payment platform of Google Play where charged to the credit card that we have defined the annual cost of the service of WhatsApp, 78 cents.

Now, note that there are many free alternatives available, so this could mean the beginning of the end for a successful application as none and that it has revolutionized the market. However, not less than a euro payment seems excessive for a service of this type, so the users will be the final response to the change in strategy of WhatsApp.

Some already looking for alternatives between Line, SpotBros, Chad2Win, ChatOn, etc.?