What is App?

I would like to make you see the APP from a new point of view, not the usual things you read in the magazines … try to understand the concept of APP from the point of view of communication and interaction.

What is App?

We design the scenario where you are, company or brand in the market, and around your customers and your audience: then imagine the whole universe of people who have not yet reached, you are trying to attract and what you try to understand tastes and trends in order to offer new services and make them become your customers.

Now imagine being able to release a small bomb in the midst of these people, who use what they do, the contacts they already have with each other, their tastes and preferences, and allows you to draw them to you and make known your products and make your name attractive and desired.

Here, this little device is called APP: http://www.abbreviationfinder.org/acronyms/app.html

The reason why I want to characterize it differently is because an APP is not only something for the iPhone, is a system that you can deposit in a community or a group of users or a target market, using for example facebook or other instruments, and make known your name.

In short, it is to exploit the characteristics of the market to design something that can be accepted and can convey more or less transparent your message.

More importantly is also the possibility of using the APP as a new media, enabling a perona to see you on facebook, through APP, to share your knowledge with others in the network through the internet or the market … more media uses, more you can stay close to your user, and show your worth.

If you can see the concept of APP like me, you are also seeing the huge available opportunity, right?