Welcome to the Club, I’m CCTV

Everton, I prepared this video to talk to you, on camera, I will be very brief, I will not talk too much not to stretch, if you need a lot of detail about this product, has here in the description. I will speak more as it applies, how nice it is to use, people that camera is a very nice camera for you to use as much internally as externally. Internally for that, she has a great finish, is a beautiful camera, camera White, you can put inside your House, or in the store, Mall, is a very nice camera, it is discreet, very pretty, nice, and externally because, because she has a certification, a degree of protection, which calls IP66, what is this IP66, so he offers this degree of protection , it determines whether you can place this product directly on time, he can take Sun and rain without a problem, you do not need to put any apparatus, for that, to protect her because she has this seal you itself put it straight in the rain.

As described here, this is a camera that has digital image sensor, is an excellent sensor for resolution and colors, with the camera you will get color fidelity and high resolutions, so let’s talk about digital sensor and another nice feature of this camera is that it has to GO CUT, what CUT , is an infrared optimizer, it works in conjunction with infrared. When you have dark, or completely dark, and reach the point of work, this Cannon GO CUT will get in on the action, if you have close to the camera, you listen to him going into action, and he’s going to optimize the function that your camera has to see in the dark.

That doesn’t mean you’re going to see kind of dark, just a ball, just a smudge, the camera she will activate the night mode, you will get a full image to see in the dark. Another cool feature of this camera is that it is a third, if you’re looking for cameras, you look at the description, to see if she is a third, a fourth, camera with a room, depending on the brand, it closes well, if you are put in a small room in a small environment, you will lose something because she closes her cool If you have to see the whole environment, that vision peripheral always choose legal cameras with a third, in conjunction with this opening of a third, this camera has 3.6 mm lens, 3.6 mm ensures you the actual opening of the environment.

She won’t even open too much, to the point of distorting your image, like a magic eye, and she also will not close, within your image, so that you miss the panoramic view of the environment. I.e. 1 opening third with 3.6 mm lens of this perfect marriage of image. image opening. This camera, it has 600 lines of resolution, I think I’ve told you, I don’t remember, I forgot.

Means that you will have a super image set, we have several manufacturers who work with 600 lines, why? Is a very good camera, has good resolution and do not owe anything. And 600, 600 lines are lines, and another interesting thing of this camera, it has 36 leds, you’ll be able to see with the camera around 35 meters, may be you can see even more, by virtue of CUT that I spoke and the leds this camera, they are high intensity, as well as the other people already work , is a high-intensity led f5, the camera will actually see in the dark, so you might see more, 35. But for a residence, to an internal environment, or to an area, external garage, is more than enough, you will be able to see very well, and very bright, I’m going to open here, I’m going to show you.

In the camera comes a manualzinho in Portuguese, here speaks of characteristics, this product consumption, comes a little screws, with a tiny, for you to fix and adjust your camera there, that’s cool, here comes parafusinho one in each camera. And also a template for you to do the drilling on the wall there without making mistakes and without scratching anything there. The camera this camera is a camera very well finished, she is beautiful, you can see, she is, she has a fence here on the screw, and another fence here too. That Hat her here against the water, something interesting here, too, is support, is a support that no dust.

It is very common to find people who complain, “I put the camera there, it falls”, this camera does not have this problem, don’t support espana. A cool thing is that her support here o, she turns to all sides. Have camera, or you can only do so, or so that you can turn to any side. The sisteminha her connection is separated by colors, the yellow is the BNC, that takes the picture, and the Red is the P4 that you feed the camera.

And as I said is a super cool camera, very pretty, she is faithful to this photo. Is really cool you put as much internally as externally. They have good attributes for a professional camera system, is there in the system that you will mount up in your House, in your company. Make sure if you buy this product, you won’t regret it. If suddenly in doubt, here in the descriptions up here, in the specifications, the features of this product, if you want to get in touch with us, take any questions about the application, you can connect. And that’s it, I hope it helped you, you buy our product, and make a good buy.