We Analyze The Nokia C6 and Look Prior to MeeGo. The Best of The Week in Engadget Mobile

We leave behind the last week of August, so it is expected that operators and manufacturers come back from vacation and the pace of news to recover for everyone to enjoy.

It has not been a week of great news, but as always we had some filtering, in this case a Windows Phone 7 HTC with sliding speaker; and we have also discussed future thanks to Nokia and Intel, working in the development of 3D interfaces. More in the best of the week:

Nokia C6 to analysis

Our colleague Susana Font has written their opinions on the Nokia C6, an affordable terminal that it ceases to have interesting features, especially in the hardware section.

The analysis is divided into two, precisely a first review the specifications of the hardware and second reviews software. The good, bad, phone, face could tell, because Susana explains what hardware is sufficient for the price of the phone, but the operating system seems to have anchored the terminal in the past.

New ride on video by the MeeGo interface

We again see to MeeGo in action. The system is taking color, although as we’ve seen yet there are inconsistencies in the interface and shifts to pulls, developers will have to debug.

By the way, for those famous four points of the interface could confirm that Nokia N9 that we discovered last week (and which have revived talk a few days ago) will beat to the rhythm of MeeGo.

Samsung Galaxy S, more interesting

The Android of the moment has starred in two interesting headlines this week. The first and foremost is that it now has HD DivX certification and display with Gorilla Glass, two very interesting virtues that can boast no other terminals.

The second novelty interest need to increase eight hours and average of autonomy in conversation that has the phone. Samsung Power Pack EBB-U10, a very light and comfortable extended battery.

Other news of interest

  • Motorola Milestone will have Android 2.2 at the end of year
  • Android phones with autonomy beating the AMOLED LCD
  • 10 thousand dollars a month, revenues from a successful application in Android

The news more valued by readers

  • A new ride for MeeGo on a Nokia N900
  • Motorola Milestone will have Android 2.2 at the end of year
  • Samsung Galaxy S adds DivX HD and Gorilla Glass certification to its virtues
  • Nokia N9, suspicious specifications leaked
  • Nokia and Intel together in the development of interfaces for 3D on mobile devices