Vodafone Works in Bathing Suits, Hats and Bags Attached to Prevent Loss and Sobrexposiciones in The Sun

While persons of a foot we use mobile networks in order to keep in contact with other people or connect to internet from our phones, there are many companies that are working in the field which will result in devices connected by the route to multiply in the coming years, the Internet of things or Internet of things.

Applications of this field will be infinite and demonstration of this is that today counts Vodafone. The operator is working on a product line, called Smart Summer, including bikinis and swimsuits to using various sensors warn us of the time spent in the Sun and UV index or a cap for children which notifies parents if the child moves too.

The Internet of things can have many applications and Vodafone has decided to take him to the summer. From the British company have announced today a curious application, aimed at those who enjoy the Sun in the summer but who are concerned by a possible overexposure or by the loss of their children or other objects.

All accessible data from an app

One of the lines that works Vodafone are swimsuits and bikinis connected. These would have UV sensors that monitor exposure to the Sun, which could follow from a mobile, an application that would make it possible to know the time and the UV index that we have exposed. In addition, the bathing suit or bikini It may vibrate when we are facing a dangerous exposure.

The solution for children would be a hat, which in addition to the function that incorporate the previous items, also serve as an alert of estrangement. If the child with Hat away beyond what is allowed by their parents, who could set the distance in the app, they would receive a notification on your mobile phone. Also working in the operator with Beach bags or luggage geolocalizables.

All devices battery will last about a week

To accomplish all these tasks, you must two-way communication that will be used. In the case of bathing suits and bikinis connectivity while the bluetooth Manager, hat, suitcase or bag is a combination of communication via mobile network and GPS. In either case, Vodafone ensures that the hardware used is intended to give service for 10 years and the battery to last a week.

Smart Summer line may be curious, though It will not be available until the end of 2017, but its development responds to the concerns of users, according to a survey conducted by Vodafone, which reveals that 76% of Spaniards are worried about the possible consequences of overexposure to the Sun. And it seems that we will have to get used to this type of ads, because the Internet of things is still untapped and increasingly see more connected everyday objects.