Vodafone Will Take Soccer in 4K Bars, Also Facilitating The Purchase of TVs

The war of football between operators which we both discussed not only focuses on individual users. In Spain there are thousands of bars that hire football to be able to offer it to their customers and aware of the business that are in this sector, Vodafone and Orange joined forces to meet emissions for this sector for the next three seasons, at a rate of 100 million euros each.

And a few days to start the domestic competition, the truth is that only Vodafone wanted to communicate its new offer for catering establishments, although we now know more news about it. As advances Expansion today, the operator will offer bars the possibility of issue split in 4K, even by providing them with the purchase of a TV that supports.

The bars are very interesting clients for operators. Normally, any pack that includes all communications and football low 200 euros per month, so efforts to capture this type of subscribers are reinvigorated each season start. And the Vodafone bid passes offer a sign of the highest quality.

Emissions in 4K may receive both fiber network ADSL

According to Expansion, the operator will offer a League match and another Champions League day 4 k. To gain access to this quality, Vodafone will install decoders compatible with the new resolution, which will be compatible with the ONO fiber network, as with its ADSL network or with the fiber network Movistar which can be accessed.

Additionally, nothing will be having 4 K signal if the establishment does not have a compatible TV. Therefore, just as you do with smartphones and other devices, Vodafone will offer the bars the possibility of done with a 4K 55-inch LG TV for 30 euros per month for 24 months.

With this step, Vodafone leaves behind its rivals, it seems that they have no plans to issue 4 k in the next few weeks. It is also a strategic move, because in the Movistar hospitality has much of the cake, above all thanks to the inherited clients of Canal +. Be enough the attractiveness of the 4 K to balance the scales?