Vodafone Will Offer MotoGP and Formula 1 to Customers Starting Next Season

Since Movistar became Canal + sports rights landscape has changed a lot in Spain. With the operator of satellite out of the game, are now the telecommunications operators that they fight by having the best sports content (and in series and movies).

And given the conditions imposed to the operation between Telefonica and Canal +, its rivals have access to 50% of Movistar + premium channels. Both Orange and Vodafone opted for football and film or series initially, but next season will be new, because Vodafone will also offer MotoGP and Formula 1.

So far the Formula 1 and MotoGP lovers they could only choose to Movistar + If they wanted to follow both competitions in full, since open only emit races run in Spain. Vodafone has been pursuing time the possibility to offer both competitions in its television service, but only he had met with tripping for this.

Vodafone and other operators have access to 50% of Movistar + premium channels, which include those that emit film and series premiere, national football, motoGP and Formula 1. Therefore, there would be no problem in be eligible to a soccer channel and both channels engine, but the problem is that want to change channels This change must be done in July, in half of the seasons of the competitions on asphalt.

Canal + premieres leave hollow channels of Formula 1 and MotoGP

And before the null movements of CNMC, which does not seem to have ignored the request of Vodafone limited that possibility of change to July, Vodafone has directly reached an agreement with Movistar. Until the month of March Vodafone will offer its customers Canal + releases and from March will leave this channel to enter the Formula 1 and MotoGP.

With this movement, which has spent months suspecting, Vodafone completes its pay-TV on the sports side. Movistar has more channels of movies and series, but it is a content which also compete HBO and Netflix, precisely services that Vodafone has integrated or integrated into your service. The war with Movistar + is served.