Vodafone Will Offer 1 Gbps Symmetrical in Its Network of Fiber and Cable in 2017

The meeting of the Santander telecommunications always leaves us a few news that talk, and if yesterday was Telefónica and its “fourth platform” that will give the control of your private user data, today’s time who takes the cake is Vodafone, which has made an important announcement about its fixed network.

The operator with the largest 4G in Spain also wants to fight with strength in the fixed section. So far, the big operators have established 300 megs slat of the maximum speed offered to private clients. But Vodafone has today given the starting gun, announcing that in the coming months It will upgrade its network to offer symmetric 1Gbps.

Since there are three large cable or fiber networks in Spain, have attended various increases speed of connections, being the last movement of the three main operators the make symmetrical connections, with the same speed of ascent and descent. Vodafone also joined the symmetry, although in part (the acquiree’s ONO) network cable could do it, by the limitations of DOCSIS 3.0.

But in the coming months that will change, since the operator will be hands to work to update your entire network cable DOCSIS 3.1, version of the specifications to It will allow you to provide symmetrical connections over cable. At the same time, Vodafone will leverage the upgrading of its network to launch a new discipline, which will offer 1Gbps in both directions.

Game of Thrones to complete with HBO

In the paper by Antonio Coimbra, Chief delegate of Vodafone Spain, has also been time to discuss other topics. For example, Coimbra has reiterated that the agreement of your company with HBO will allow that their customers can see every season of game of thrones, including the to be released in 2017. In fact, they have been shown a video of the actor who plays Jaime Lannister, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, welcoming customers of Vodafone.

And for the most lazy, @vodafone_es has your store, with an advisor to the other side #telco30 our site/8dL0tXk1yf

— Engadget Mobile (@xatakamovil) September 6, 2016

As for 4 G, in the coming months the cities of less than 25,000 inhabitants will have 75 Mbps down and 25 Mbps of upload, the more of that population and tourist areas 185/75 Mbps and the 32 largest cities and metropolitan areas 350/100 Mbps. The forecast of fiber is to surpass the 10 million households in March 2017.